Canada does not pay ransom to terrorists … except when we do

Was Trudeau just saying what he’s supposed to say in these situations, so as not to give terrorist kidnappers any bright ideas? Was he keeping up appearances, or was he perhaps announcing a whole new policy?

  • Have we forgotten already the six Canadians who were murdered by Muslim terrorists in Burkina Faso earlier this year (January 2016)? Coincidentally they “happened” to be Christian Missionaries from Quebec who “happened” to be killed by Muslims. We already know how stupidly Justin handled it in a phone call, with one of the family members of the victims hanging up on Justin and complaining to the press.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Canadians who venture outside the castle walls are often compelled to get vaccinations prior to their journey.
    Is it such a stretch then to compel them to get a cyanide tooth as well?