An Open Letter to Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri, President of York University

As community organizations dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Jewish students on campus, and advocating for the Jewish community, we read your recent statements in the Canadian Jewish News (CJN) and the National Post with great interest. We were disappointed to see comments that we felt were condescending to the concerns of our community and dismissive of the concerns of our students.

  • Alain

    The president of York University is a Muslim and they are surprised by his comments.

    • I do not understand their faith in “dialogue”.

      Islam clearly states its murderous position when it comes to Jews.

      This letter like all the other outreach efforts is futile and frankly smacks of denial.

      • Alain


    • Dorothybdavis2

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  • BillyHW

    Lol York “degrees”.

  • Clausewitz

    The only thing keeping York from being the worst Scholastic institution in Ontario is Ryerson.

    • marty_p

      When I went to U of T in the late 70’s we had a saying… Those that do go to U of T…those that don’t go to York and those that have $600 and the ability to breathe go to Ry High.
      My younger son an Engineering student at Waterloo got offered a scholarship to Ryerson’s Engineering program and said no thanks…they even emailed him upping the scholarship offer after he turned them down.
      Some Waterloo Engineering student registered two domains one was “couldn’tgetintowaterloo”… and it directed you to the U of T faculty of Engineering and “couldn’tgetintoryerson” and it directed to a web page that simply said YA RIGHT.