The Supreme Inter-Galactic Council Of Muslim Super-Friends Named Syed Soharwardy Condemns Robert Spencer

Look at that, Syed gets his name on this “condemnation” 3 times. What a Guy! He’s like the Super Hero Of Islam!

Supreme Inter-Galactic Council Of Muslims

  • Shebel

    I Love all Muslims -Syed–

    Especially the ones that want me to kiss their ass –out of Respect.

    • Syed is among Canada’s greatest Islamic scholars – he is a God among Men!

  • Ed

    Blah blah blah… “racism” “islamophobia.”

    That’s what the intergalactic top dog of the universe of muslims has to say.


  • Shebel

    Syed— You use the ignorance of our Politicians to Promote your Hate.

    You are not a MAN. You are a user and a manipulator. The thing is—-
    You are not very good at it.

    When things change – and I do thank ignorant assholes like you , with the full knowledge that you will RUN — for showing Canadians a – real Muslim .

    • mobuyus

      He speaks sheep very well.

      • Will Quest

        The ‘Calgary Jewish-Muslim council’ with Syed at it’s helm, talk about Halal slaughter in the hen-house …….

  • Syed always cracks me up. He looks like an affronted sheep.

  • Blind Druid

    Little Muzzie Maggots. We have Soharwardy, the U.K. has Choudary. The U.S. has Obama. But we also have The Dauphin. He can recite the Shahada in French.

  • Ken

    “Muslims against terrorism”. Notice how they’re never against jihad.

    • Gary

      What they don’t tell you is that the 6,000,000,000 non-muslims on Earth right now are deemed as enemies of islam and valid target to kill via terrorism if they fail to convert or pay the head-tax in a Caliphate.

      Syed and his fellow morons only see the resistance to Jihad and conversion as Terrorism and not the jihad violence to slaughter non-muslim civilians.

  • luna

    Criticizing other religions is an art, but criticism of Islam must be denounced not debated because Islam is perfect & Muhammad is perfect and anyone who disagrees will be killed.

  • Maggat

    When Spencer wants to get his point across he talks. When islamist want to get their point across they murder all those they disagree with. Thanks, but I’ll take Robert Spencer any day.

  • Why can’t Soharwardy be a man and debate Mr. Spencer? Because Soharwardy knows he’s wrong and will lose, so he pretends he represents a big constituency of organizations and all of them oppose open debate. Soharwardy is the one making Muslims look like fools, not Spencer.

  • Gary

    Good old , Syed the liar. The man wants to bring the quran inspired child-bride pedophilia to Canada to emulate his prophet . He’s also among the muslims that want the Ahmadi’s killed as apostates and he now has to nerve to cry racism over Spencer when Jihadists aren’t a race of people.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    So when and where is he coming, how much is the admission and who do we call to reserve our tickets?

    Anything that makes Muslims and interfaith ecumenists angry is all right by me.

  • Islam is the foremost instrument of evil in the whole world today. Their declared goal is world conquest, murder, enslavement, conversion by force, rape and robbery of all non-Muslims, and the destruction of all Western culture. In view of this Muslims should not even be allowed to open their mouths to spew out their evil, let alone tell Robert Spencer and the JDL what they may or may not do or say. Muslims should be shipped out of the West manu militari, a.s.a.p. If they were out, Spencer and JDL would not need to discuss them and forewarn the world about their evil plans.

  • John

    Anyone speaking on behalf of ‘intolerance’ ‘racism’ and ‘islamophobia’ gets my vote!

    Anyone telling the truth these days will be criminalized.

  • Allan

    The ONLY people and groups that have condemned Mr. Spencer are those that support Muslim supremacy. The vast majority of right thinking people support him and his message.

  • pdxnag

    This Kafir might cite actual provisions of Islamic Sharia law. To condemn him is to condemn what he cites. Good luck.

    To know the Koran is to hate the Koran, i.e., if you hate hate.