Saints Alive!

On school trips, you sat in the dark watching a short (although it seemed really long) movie about Jean de Brébeuf converting Indians and getting killed, and then THE PROJECTION SCREEN WALL ROLLED UP—gasps of “Wow!”—the sun came in, and you strode outside onto the restored mission grounds!

  • k2

    There used to be a church in Halifax called Canadian Martyrs and on Holy Thursday and the last day of the school year in June our entire (Catholic) school went there for mass. Additionally, the local soccer teams were called Canadian Martyrs (imagine naming a children’s sports team that now). One year, there were so many boys wanting to play that they had to make 2 Canadian Martyrs teams – the Brebeufs and the Daniels, named after 2 of those saints. (Wistful head shake: those were the days …!)

    • Never happen today. More’s the pity.

      • Some day we’ll take it back. St. Petersburg was renamed to Leningrad by the communists, then renamed back to to St. Petersburg again after the commies were booted out. Although it took nearly two generations to take it back, people never forgot.

  • Waffle

    Kathy, thanks for the memory!! I wrote about Ste. Marie-among-the Hurons back in 1968 (when it first opened) for a Department of Education (now Ministry of) teacher publication.

  • John

    Went there on a school trip in grade 8. Yes! That roll up screen surprise! It was mid June and very hot so we all went swimming afterwards. Beautiful place!