Muslim terrorist sympathizer denied bail in Brampton court

Kevin Mohamed Muslim terroristA man charged with a terrorism related offence was denied bail today in court in Brampton, Ont. Kevin Mohamed, 23, will have to remain behind bars but details of the decision are covered by a publication ban. Mohamed, a former engineering student, was detained last month out of fear he might commit a terrorist act.

  • pettifog

    He’s not actually charged with an offence? Only fear that he’ll commit one? Wait until Justin T or John McCallum hear about this one. After all, as a Canadian he must share the same “values” as the rest of us.

  • Canadian Born

    Junior will keep letting them in. Canadians are in for a really rough time if we don’t stand up to this inept PM. What the hell is the matter with Canadians? Our ancestors fought and died for what they believed in and yet we sit by and do nothing. I wish we had the balls our ancestors had.

  • Shebel

    Justin will remedy this unfair situation.

    • ntt1

      justin will make it worse.