It’s like the elites are laughing at regular Canadians

Three recent headlines remind us that the elites are making decisions completely disconnected from the way regular Canadians live.

First, this doozy from the CBC: “Ontario taxpayers subsidized buyers of $1.1-million Porsche.”

  • Two terms and you are out. No deficit spending.

  • ontario john

    And the National Post is reporting that Ontario is coming out with another retirement tax for hydro debt. And I can’t wait for that carbon tax. Because here in Ontario, we love our taxes.

    • The Butterfly

      And also your lesbians, apparently.

  • Gary

    It’s the 1930’s all over again.

    The reason there a very few V16 Cadillac’s is because in the Dirty- Thirty’s during the depression the Rich would drive around as the obese wife and pot belly husband couple in their V16 Cadillac that guzzled gas while the poor lined up at soup kitchen or lived off scraps from a lack of jobs to pay the bills.
    Many of the Lincoln’s, Packard’s and Caddy’s ended up in the garage while a cheap car was used to get around since it was normal to see the starving throw stones and twigs at the Rich as they drove by in the Monster Luxury cars.
    When the war came along in 1942 for the USA , it was common for these cars to be donated for the Scarp-Metal and Rubber drives to redeem the Rich because these cars weighed in at close to 3 metric tonnes and had the huge Tires while those cars from the 1930’s didn’t use Plastics .

    Looks like Wynne is enabling the Rich to drive by the needy and Homeless but this time it’s a Porshe and there is no shame to it .

  • Hard Little Machine

    The Ford Excursion was the biggest SUV ever built. At over 6,000lbs it qualified as a farm vehicle and therefore eligible for up to $100,000 write offs and credits. You have never met a single farmer who owned one. Every one went to doctors, dentists, CPAs attorneys and orthodontists. In 2003 the cost of the vehicle averaged $47,000. The tax law was changed in October 2003 to reduce the offset to $25,000 thereby effectively killing the vehicle overnight. One more model year and Ford was done.