Canadian Poll – 64 % Of Muslims Say Gays Should Not Be Tolerated, 43 % say Muslims should not integrate

I think this is called “burying the lead”

Here’s the CBC Headline… Muslim Canadians increasingly proud of and attached to Canada, survey suggests


So 64% don’t tolerate Gays…

“And while a 2013 Pew Research poll found that 80 per cent of Canadians agreed that homosexuality should be accepted by society, only 36 per cent of Muslims agreed with that statement.”

43% Say Muslims should not integrate into Canadian Society… (Note there may be a transposition error here, the CBC posted 34% rather than the correct 43%, 100-57 = 43, not 34)

“Fully 57 per cent of Muslims agreed that immigrants of different races and backgrounds should set aside their cultural backgrounds and try to blend into Canadian culture, and 34 per cent disagreed. But while Muslims over the age of 35 agreed with this by margins of two or three to one, Muslims under the age of 35 were split.”

Let’s see, Canada currently has a Muslim population of about 1 Million, so based on this poll data either 430,000 or 340,000 of them have no desire to integrate. I hope they all move to Ottawa and declare a Caliphate. That would be payment enough for the disastrous immigration policy our political class has foisted on us.

The 43% figure is in keeping with a 2015 poll – which found 42 per cent of Canadian Muslims believe the contrast between the West and Islamic cultures to be irreconcilable.

Muslim Canada – West and Islam Irreconcilable differences

The younger generations, are becoming more religious, note that Europe’s experience in general has often seen the 2nd and 3rd generation of Muslims become more “devout” than their parents before they become terrorists.

But among respondents who said both were very important to their identity, 50 per cent chose their religion as being most important (27 per cent said both were equally important). By comparison, just 28 per cent of religious non-Muslim Canadians chose their religion over their nationality.

This was most marked among young Muslims who, 61 per cent of whom felt that being Muslim was most important, compared to six per cent who said being Canadian counted the most

Oh… 65 per cent of Muslims voted for the Liberals in the last election, compared to 10 per cent for the NDP, two per cent for the Conservatives and 19 per cent who refused to say how they voted.

All that Conservative party double talk really paid off I see.

Here’s a Laugher...  44 per cent of Muslim Canadians say there is no domestic support for violent extremists abroad, and 37 per cent say that support is among very few.

So 44% of Muslims polled lied outright.

Note that the poll was conducted at the behest of various grievance monger and “Islamic” groups.

The survey by the Environics Institute, done in partnership with the Tessellate Institute, the Olive Tree Foundation, the Inspirit Foundation, the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and Think for Actions

Now have a look at this article on the recent survey and documentary “What British Muslims Really Think”. Are Canada’s Muslims of a different order than Britain’s or was this just another propaganda effort to white-wash the truth.

I think you know the answer.