Bangladesh jails Hindu teachers for ‘abusing Islam’

A court in southern Bangladesh sentenced two Hindu schoolteachers to six months in jail for making “abusive” remarks about Islam that led a mob to attack their school, a magistrate said Tuesday.

The headteacher and another staff member at the Hijla High School in the town of Chitalmari were found guilty of “hurting the religious sentiments” of Muslim students and their parents.

The comments sparked protests by students, most of whom are Muslim, and angry villagers descended on the school seeking to beat up the teachers before being stopped by police.

“They have made abusive comments about Islam and the Prophet Mohammed during a class session,” said magistrate Anwar Parvez, who handed down the verdict Monday after the teachers pleaded guilty.

“Local people attacked the school. They wanted to beat the two Hindu teachers,” Parvez told AFP.

Angry Muslims Angry About Something Gather In Anger

Angry Muslims Angry About Something Gather In Anger

What Muslim state isn’t a hellhole?

  • Like these guys needed a reason to attack someone.

    • Surele Surele

      Exactly. We’re so afraid of making the “Arab Street” (whatever this means) angry, we give in all their demands. And by ‘we’ I mean the chattering and ruling classes.

  • ontario john

    CBC is reporting that a small group held a prayer vigil for the beheaded Canadian in Calgary. Trudeau didn’t show up for it. I guess it doesn’t make as great a selfie as going to a fake mosque fire in Peterborough. A Pastor at the vigil also prayed for a back bone for Trudeau. Now that’s my kind of Pastor. Must be a fundamentalist Baptist like me.

    • Gary

      Justin went to mosque to assure the muslims that the quran inspired muslims emulating muhammad have NOTHING to do with islam.
      he also assured them that the Police and RCMP will not tolerate any Backlash attacks on mosques, real or fabricated .

  • Hard Little Machine

    Let the retard wash over them like their annual monsoons.

  • ismiselemeas

    The muslim world is so dreary and drab, like a shoddy carpet salesman’s car, old, broke and dirty.

    • Will Quest

      A tattered prayer-rug ……..