Anti-White Racism – The hate that dares not speak its name.

It is a strange election cycle when Republicans go to war with each other with a ferocity rarely manifest when they are confronting Democrats and their progressive agendas. It is especially puzzling because a general consensus has formed on the right that the Democratic Party is moving so far left that its agendas threaten the very foundations of America’s social contract. These include a frontal assault on the system of individual rights that the Founders set in place. The left envisions a fundamentally transformed America where individual rights are secondary to the collective rights of races, ethnicities, genders and classes. That is why the particular circumstances of individual acts, such as the ones that led to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, for example, don’t matter to progressive mobs. It’s the races of the actors that do.

  • simus1

    The majority of RINO and DemocRat politicians in Washington today are like professional jockies riding the rent seeking initiatives of powerful crony capitalists and union bosses.

    • Politics as a lifestyle choice has to be ended.

      • simus1

        The wealthy suburbs around Washington are home to the biggest number of mega scale thieves and those funding and benefiting from corruption related activities in human history.
        Their wealth puts the rest of America in the shade – says the IRS.

  • Shebel

    Harper tried to warn Canadians. .
    Apparently ,we enjoy being on our knees.

  • Shebel

    I wish the Muslims would stop cutting people’s throat’s with a Dull knife.
    Why not use a sharp sword when you kill people ?

  • mauser 98

    CBC at top of hate heap

  • jack burns

    I grew up with it on the West side of Chicago so its been rote knowledge, via experience, forever. However, the left shunts out the concept by relegating it to those with room temperature IQs so it appears to be a primitive idea not worthy of the more advanced, them in other words. Just one reason that they are an insidious enemy.