Muslim Labour MP resigns as an aide to John McDonnell after triggering an anti-Semitism storm

A Labour MP today has resigned as an aide to John McDonnell after sharing a graphic on social media that appeared to say Israel should be ‘relocated’ to America.

Naz Shah Anti-semitic MuslimNaz Shah, MP for Bradford West, shared an image that showed an outline of Israel superimposed on to a map of the USA.

The headline on the image stated: ‘Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict – Relocate Israel into United States.’

Ms Shah then wrote with the post: ‘problem solved.’

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Well, she seems to have ALMOST adopted MY IDEA for achieving perpetual peace in the Middle East by relocating Israel to the entirety of the Baja peninsula.
    While we are busy reloading millions of people, you jackasses have exactly 72-hours to leave the West.

    • This is an everyday day occurrence in England, as it soon will be in Justin’s Canada.

  • From her wiki page: “Born in Bradford,[3] Shah was abandoned by her father when six years old after he ran off with their neighbour’s sixteen-year-old daughter. At age 12, she was sent to Pakistan to avoid her mother, Zoora’s, violent partner, whom Zoora fatally poisoned because she believed he was planning to sexually abuse her daughters. She served 14 years in prison for his murder. While in Pakistan, Shah was forced into an arranged marriage.[3][4]”

    But the Jews are the problem. Silly bint.

  • WalterBannon

    How about we relocate all Muslims back into the middle east?

    That way OUR problem with terror is solved.

    I suggest we start with shipping her back first.

    Then send all the converts like Trudeau.

    • infedel

      Yep. Ship all followers of islam and moslems to mecca; then glass it. Problem solved for the future of all civilizations.

      • WalterBannon

        Excellent plan.

        • infedel


  • simus1

    Relocating her halfway between Gaza and Crete would likely be much more productive.