It’s Official: Lena Dunham is Moving to Canada!


The actor, writer, [child sexual abuser] and creator of Girls has made it perfectly clear that she wants to see Hillary Clinton in the White House in 2017, but what if that doesn’t happen? Lena Dunham was honored Monday with a Matrix Award from New York Women in Communications for her success in Hollywood at such a young age, and the 2016 election inevitably came up while she was on stage at the Waldorf Astoria. If Donald Trump becomes president, Dunham plans to take some pretty drastic actions — going so far as moving to Canada.

Before Dunham and seven other incredible female leaders in the communications industry were honored with the prestigious award, emcee Andy Cohen asked them each three revealing questions about their lives, careers, and relationships. After asking Dunham what she would do if she woke up as a man (she responded, without pause, that she would kill herself) and the least fun thing about her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, Cohen inquired what the celeb would do if she woke up to find Donald Trump was the president.

“I know everyone’s always idly threatening this, but I’d be 100 percent moving to Canada,” Dunham said enthusiastically. “I love Canada. I think that it’s a great place, and there’s an area in Vancouver that I find beautiful and appealing, and I can conduct business from there.”