I’m sorry I’m a racist

“…When BLMTO has in its midst a co-founder who tweets about praying to Allah to have the strength not to kill white people (and men) and that whites are inferior to blacks, I’d have thought that group would distance itself from such hateful rhetoric.

I was wrong. They angrily defend it.

They have excoriated me for pointing it out.

Much of the media defended it as well, while virtually all politicians hide behind the sofa.

That group is winning the day, so I guess Obama and I are wrong. (Too bad, as we don’t often agree.)

I must not be as smart and insightful as the rest of the media and political class in this city. I thought such rhetoric was racist.

The “black leaders” Tory met with over the weekend explained to him that BLMTO must be at the table, in public, and he agreed.

Would he and they agree that white supremacists should be at the meeting if they engaged in similar tactics?”