Hillsborough inquest: criminal charges could follow unlawful killing verdict

Police officers could face criminal charges after an inquest jury ruled that the 96 victims of the Hillsborough Stadium disaster were unlawfully killed.

Relatives of the Liverpool supporters who were crushed to death at an FA Cup semi-final in 1989 sobbed, cheered and applauded the jury as it found that officers were guilty of gross negligence and that fans’ behaviour played no part in the tragedy.

Senior officers – at least one of whom has admitted lying about the day’s events – have been interviewed under criminal caution by investigators examining manslaughter charges.

  • Gary

    So they are saying that in will take 27 years for any Cops to be found guilty in the New years rapes in Germany this 2015-16 for being complicit by making a free will choice to not stop the rapes.

    My gawd , this is how Justice works when the Public Unions are linked to manslaughter case.
    I followed the a few deaths on the TTC subway system where employees were guilty of not following the new Safety Rules which got a co-worker killed. The Police and Ministry of Labour dragged out the case to the 1 year Limit for pressing Charges and released the damning evidence about 2 weeks prior to the dead line. The TTC Union fabricated a crisis while Mayor Miller was out of Toronto which occupied the Media until the the Window of Time passed and nobody would go to jail.
    What made me sick was that the MOL report that blamed the dead person just because the autopsy show traces of pot in his blood as it would have a Justin Trudeau if they tested his blood.
    There were 3 major safety FAILS caused by co-workers that set-up the Conditions for the PERFECT disaster where the new employee was crushed to death in a Subway car while Operating it.
    When I contested the MOL report and had evidence from the day of the death that included the admission of Guilt by Bob Kinnear , I got a BS email response from Brad Ross at the TTC that the matter was dealt with and the TTC was fined just over $200,000.00 for the death on the job.

    But wait , the McGuinty Government runs the MOL and they city run by Miller funds the TTC along with Ontario’s partial funding of TTC projects.
    So the Police Chief and Mayor Miller allow the Provincial MOL to investigate the TTC which dragged out to just a couple of weeks before Chief Blair could lay Charges……then the TTC Union fabricates a crisis for two weeks so the Time lapses to charge their Employees but the report blames the victims while the TTC gives back to the Province just over $200,000.00 as a “Fine ” from the MOL …… and there’s nothing to see here folks because everything has been dealt with.

    Basically, you’re screwed if you get killed on the Subway and it’s an Employees fault or if a spouse works for the TTC and they get killed via a co-workers negligence it will be blamed on drug use and a Human Life is worth only $200,000.00 according to the MOL and City of Toronto.

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  • T.C.

    It should be noted that in 1989 those 96 victims would not be considered homicide victims. This is because the U.K. does not count a homicide as such until the courts rule it as a homicide. Are you beginning to understand how the U.K. government manages to report such low homicide rates year after year? And you thought it had something to do with banning firearms?

    • tom_billesley

      The coroner’s verdict is unlawful killing, A death is not ruled a “homicide” at that stage. Police investigate to gather evidence. The possible indictable offences in the law of England and Wales are murder, manslaughter, infanticide and causing death by dangerous driving. Corporate manslaughter is a recent innovation. Individuals or corporations are charged if the Crown Prosecuton Service decide that there is a reasonable prospect of a successful prosecution and that it is in the public interest to proceed. I suppose “homicide” statistics would be made up of court convictions. Does any country report homicides before a conviction, or even before a charge is laid? Perhaps coroner’s verdicts of unlawful killing could be used instead.

      • robins111

        Actually Tom many countries report homicide prior to convictions, Canada being a case in point. For example all police shootings of citizens in Canada are reported as homicides, and included in the annual stats. This of course ramps up the Firearms death stats so the lefties can moan and piss about it.

      • T.C.

        Whoops, replied to myself. Please see above for my response.

    • T.C.

      You’ll note that I said that in 1989 those 96 victims were not considered homicides. It is only now that the British “authorities” are considering laying criminal charges for their deaths after the jury told them these were “unlawful killings”. The ruling class in the U.K. may still yet find a way of keeping this 96 from being counted as “homicides.” British homicide statistics are incomprehensible.These are impossible to decipher or compare with any other jurisdictions. However, one blogger who tried to parse the British data base identified the number of “narrative verdicts” by coroners as a possible source of homicide deaths in Britain in 2011. These numbered 4700 or 8.5 homicides per 100,000. That is more than twice the homicide rate in the United States. Rotherham, anyone?

  • Brett_McS

    The police opened the gates at the back to fans without tickets resulting in the crush, and then wouldn’t let people back out. I don’t know what they were thinking.

  • What a horrible photo. Poor people, it must have been terrible.