Germany: 9 Muslims investigated over plan to kill apostates

BERLIN — German authorities are investigating nine Muslim extremists on suspicion they planned to kill two people over disagreements in their interpretation of Islam.

OktoberfestProsecutors in Bremen say 10 premises in the northern German city were searched early Tuesday following tips about the planned crimes. Some 200 police officers were involved in the morning raids.

Prosecutors say the unnamed suspects are adherents of Salafism, an Islamic movement based on a literal reading of the Quran. In a statement, prosecutors said the Salafis are suspected of committing two cases of serious bodily harm and of planning to kill two people “who interpreted both the Quran and life under Islam differently.”

Authorities estimate there are about 8,000 Salafis in Germany.

  • Ed

    “Authorities estimate there are about 8,000 Salafis in Germany.”

    Awesome border control there Angie!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      They are all Salafis.

  • Martin B

    When we’re not spending a fortune trying to stop Mohammedans from killing us, we’re spending a fortune trying to stop them from killing each other.

    I hate Islam more every day.