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Back to the Ethic

Tomi Lahren Told Beyonce ‘No’

Islam is the Only Uniting Factor of Islamic Terrorism

NYT Columnist Wants to Debunk the ‘Crooked Hillary Myth’

Muslims: 4% of the UK Population and 91% of the Child Rapes

RNC Delegate Says ‘Trump Gets 1237, Means No Nomination’

Islamic State hacks Michigan church website

#BoycottTarget Dominates Top 10 Facebook Trends Three Days in a Row

Islamic Scholar Claims Jews ‘Fabricated’ Ties to Temple Mount

Jordan: Stop Jews from visiting Temple Mount or face consequences

Majority of West Bank youth back knife attacks on Israelis

This Company May Have Solved the Electric Car Charging Problem

White House ‘Aggressively Engaged’ In Transgender Fight

We Need Separation of Bathroom and State

Thousands protest at Turkish Embassy in Ottawa

Open Borders Activists Attack Police After Border Closed

‘Democracy Awakening’: The Radical Left’s Latest Makeover

Pro-ISIS Hackers Post “Kill” List Of State Department Employees

Abbas Blames Israeli Settlements for Global Warming

  • Exile1981

    On the story about Canada Post… I call BS. The union head is quoted as saying that employees don’t decide what to deliver and that if it’s accepted by Canada Post they have to deliver it.

    I call BS, Canada post employees frequently get caught stealing mail. So his statement is a lie

    • The Canada Post link disappeared and the other comments.

      Cat: I hope no one was jeopardized with comments about “you know who” — apologies if that was the case. Is “you know who” still that dangerous that his name can’t be mentioned in public? Just curious about what happened…

  • “Canada Post distributing hate propaganda…”

    Richard Warman and the Human Rights Commission back in the news again — I thought this guy disappeared down a gopher hole after he tried to prosecute Ezra Levant. A long time ago, ever since the hate speech (anti-free speech) laws were struck down.

  • BillyHW

    $20 bucks says Richard Warman is the one mailing the flyers.

  • tom_billesley
  • Hard Little Machine

    ISIS is stupid to want to kill US State Dept staffers. They’re their strongest voices in the west.

  • G

    NYT columnist/Hillarymyth…who cares?
    Columnists are useless loudmouths anyway so why bother?