16 ‘Pro-LGBT’ Businesses That Operate in Countries With Poor Human Rights Records

Big corporations have come out to criticize state religious liberty measures in Georgia, Mississippi, and North Carolina as discriminating against those who aren’t heterosexual, some going as far as to propose boycotting states that enact such laws.

However, several of the most vocal companies that say they stand with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans also operate in countries with troubling human rights records, including places where homosexuality can result in a death sentence, a review by The Daily Signal shows.

  • Progressive loons, practice selective indignation.

    It is called hypocrisy.

    • This is more like “anything for a buck”.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Not mine if I can avoid it.
        Not mine if I can avoid it.

    • Clinton

      Precisely. Most of these corporations have little to lose by their
      posturing viv-a-vis a Mississippi or a Georgia, but when there are
      big, big bucks at stake, suddenly they’re much more… pragmatic.

      i wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that some of these companies
      did actual cost/benefit analysis, balancing the value of the PR gained
      by boycotting states vs. the projected loss of income from lost sales.

      The otherwise excellent Daily Signal article only scratches the
      surface on the hypocrisy. For example, while the article mentioned
      Disney’s massive dealings with repressive China, it didn’t mention
      that Disney has an entire branch of the company called Disney
      , set up to market its products in Islamic countries. Call me
      crazy, but I think if a company is looking for ways to do more business
      in nations where homosexuals can legally be flogged, imprisioned
      or tossed from a tall building, then no one should be impressed by
      that same company grandstanding on its choice to forgo a tiny
      market like North Carolina just because of its bathroom laws.

  • Gary

    I’ve try to point out the Blood on the hands of the Directors in the Board rooms for 2 of the Big Banks in Canada that sponsor the PRIDE parade and push the big lie that they are Gay Friendly .
    These Banks operate in Nations that sanction murdering gays plus flogging women while some have Sex-tourism for male Pedophiles because child-brides are legal in that culture.

    During the 6 years that 2 pro-hamas groups were in PRIDE these 2 Banks sponsored the event on top of the overt nudity by males that knew children were around.
    The Police were given orders to NOT enforce the Federal Laws that protect children , this now makes sense because the Police Chief is now a Federal MP under Justin while Justin , Boob Rae and Wynne have ties to Ben Levin and Brent Hawkes.

  • roccolore

    Big media doesn’t want to talk about leftist hypocrisy.