Puppet is charged with defying ‘the values and ethics of Egypt’ after posing with a copy of Fifty Shades Of Grey in satirical TV show

Bad puppet for Egypt

A puppet has been charged with defying ‘the values and ethics of Egypt’ after making sexual innuendo jokes on her television show.

Abla Fahita has won over millions of fans with her political satire and liberal comedy, and her weekly ‘talk show’ is watched by 15 per cent of the Egyptian population.

The show, Abla Fahita: Live from the Duplex regularly mocks the Egypt’s politicians and addresses subjects such as sex and alcohol.

  • ontario john

    I hope Haroooooon has a chapter in his new book about that Islamophobic doll. And why doesn’t it have a bag over its head, like a proper muslim female doll.

    • I bet he locks himself in the bathroom with that pic.

  • Stone the slut!

    • H

      I know – or at least fear – that it’ll end badly for this performer but still, I find it somewhat encouraging that there are people like her with the courage to speak out from the “heart of darkness” – an Islamic nation. Also, judging by her popularity, there seem to be a lot of people (in Egypt anyway) who are hungry for the freedom with which she speaks.

      • Clausewitz

        When it comes to Islam, there is no “Fun” in Fundamentalism.

  • John

    Do they have puppet prisons in Egypt?

    And if convicted, will she be forced to recite the Koran while wearing a hijab as an act of penance?

  • UCSPanther

    If a satirical puppet show causes a moral chimp out, there is something wrong with your society…