Pakistan: Medieval punishments

THE ‘punishment’ was nothing short of horrific and is deserving of the strongest censure and action against those who ordered and administered it. Media reports have focused on an incident last week in which a landowner from Rahim Yar Khan, on the advice of a so-called faith healer, ordered four villagers — the youngest a 14-year-old girl — to walk on hot oil for alleged theft.

Burnt feet, they were told, would constitute a guilty verdict. The incident shows up the power games that plague feudalism and the subservience of the villagers, who, in this case, were reportedly too terrified to even question the landlord’s command.

h/t Dr. J

  • simus1

    The most suitable Karma to be had in this category would be a devastating all out nuclear war between Dumpsterstan and North Korea.

  • Martin B

    Coming soon to a vibrant community near you.

    Why not? All of their other charming customs are here already – honour killing, inbreeding, kiddie rape, niqabs…

  • ontario john

    Just saw on the news that the publisher of a homosexual magazine in Bangladesh was hacked to death. This is going to blow the minds of leftists, since they support both muslims and homosexuals.

  • WalterBannon

    Oh I don’t know. According to liberals all cultures are equal, if not better than our own western civilization. We need to respect this diversity and be enriched by it. I suggest that we adopt this practice here in Canada. How about we get rid of our tedious and difficult to perform immigration background checks on all our “Syrian” Muslim “refugees”? We could replace this less worthy western practice with this much more enlightened approach – make every Muslim refugee claimant walk on hot oil and if they get burnt feet, it would constitute a guilty verdict proving that they are terrorists and hence not eligible for admission to Canada. Anyone who does not like this idea is just racist.

  • Dana Garcia

    The reasoning to determine guilt is positively Pythonesque:

  • Shebel

    Next time the wife comes back from one her many trips —-
    It is going to be the ‘hot-oil ‘ walk for her.