Ohio family massacre a ‘sophisticated operation’

“This is not your case where someone got mad at somebody else, they shot them, there’s a witness, two witnesses,” he said. “It is a very, very, very different type case.”

Police found seven bodies, each with a bullet to the head, in three separate homes on Friday. An eighth body was found later at a separate site. Several victims were apparently asleep in bed when they were killed.

“Those who carried it out were trying to do everything that they could do to hinder the investigation and their prosecution,” DeWine said.

No arrests had been made, the officials said, declining to indicate whether they had identified any suspects or to name any possible motives.

However, investigators found marijuana “grow operations” at three of the four locations the victims had been killed, DeWine’s office said, declining to indicate whether they were connected to the murders.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    This smells like Mexican drug cartel activity.

    • Or some sort of organized crime. I thought that Canadian “hydro” had the corner of the market in that part of the country

    • It certainly mimics it. Odd as the family has been described as law abiding.

    • Maurixio Villa-Lobos

      Lettuce grow ops will be next.

    • Clausewitz

      No way…………

  • Murder with materialistic motives is the most absurd, indicative of total delusion about the value of material things. This life is only a brief, really very brief, passage; and when one faces death one realizes this world’s utter unimportance.

    • How true.

    • Jabberwokk

      Then why Live? Why not just hold people under the water during baptism until the bubbles stop? How is that not doing them a favor?

      • Life is presumably an opportunity for spiritual growth. The material body and the world it functions in is a medium in which the soul can face various test situations and respond appropriately.

        • Jabberwokk

          I would think that any test could have been facilitated infinity better in heaven.

          A better explanation would be that this life does indeed have value. I can not yet explain why but its makes far more sense then “because tests lol”. No offense.

          • You misunderstand the word ‘test’ here. I gave ‘opportunity for spiritual growth’ as the reason. You cannot grow in a vacuum, you need challenges and then you need to respond in a way that makes you grow. If you fail to respond adequately, or try to get out of having to respond, you do not grow, but may instead stay in place or fall back.

          • Jabberwokk

            That does not in any refute what I said. I highly doubt the afterlife will be challenge-less nor could a perfect God not find an equal or better way to facilitate Growth, assuming that is indeed the point, in a superior environment.

            Secondly if this life is indeed worthless than it’s contradictory to simultaneously believe that it is needed for growth but at the same time of no value.

            So If your right, then I’m right.

          • What is “worthless” about life in this world is the materialistic side – the pursuit of wealth, power, fame, etc. which most if not all of us do most of our lives. This is what you realize is worthless, if you’re wise, when you face death, because these values cannot be taken with you and have no value beyond this world.

            The challenges of this world can be very ordinary – going through school and college, marriage, bringing up kids, holding a job, and later facing old age, sickness and death. Or they can be extraordinary, as bravery in times of war for instance. All these are opportunities for spiritual growth – or for spiritual failure, like it or not.

            To answer your objection, you say that spiritual growth could equally happen in the spiritual plane. You may be right, though that is speculation. I would speculate instead that the material world is necessary for that purpose, precisely because it is imperfect (full of difficulties, contradictions, etc.) unlike the spiritual world.

            In any case, what is sure is that the material world challenge exists and we are in it. To conclude, there’s no contradiction in the position I have here defended.

          • Jabberwokk

            Materials can have worth so longs as they themselves don’t become the objects of worship. Many times God bestows on us gifts that we are all to eager to misuse. instead of hearing God through the gift we lose ourselves to the gift.

            The Pharisees made the mistake when they told people to swear by the Gold of the temple and not the temple that makes the Gold sacred or by what was on the Altar and not the Altar that made what was on it sacred.

            God wants us to have things so long as the things don’t have us.

            I appreciate you conceding the possibility. I’m sure we would have had many opportunities to grow as a people had Adam and Even not eaten from the tree. Because I know that this world as is is not Gods best I can conclude anything that can be gained in this world can probably be gained much better in the next. But if this Life is “unimportant” as you say then I have no desire to be here any longer. We all read on this site everyday the atrocities political cowardice, Islamic savagery, and ho-hum banal attitude towards it. If this world is ‘unimportant’, then it is of no value, and it should be considered mercy to leave this world sooner then later. Aborted children being the luckiest.

            I can’t believe that. I must not. This life has to be of some importance. Otherwise why bother living it?

          • Jab – as I wrote on another thread a few days ago, suicide (or mercy killing) only sounds attractive (to some people, those in great pain for instance) because we do not know what comes after it. It may be that by shortening life you would actually propel yourself into an even more unpleasant and difficult world or corner of the world. The wisest thing is to accept your life and make the best of it. That is what gives value – worth – to life, to do one’s best. This is spiritual growth – to learn patience, to give up anger, to become more modest and humble, less judging, kinder, to learn, to become more pure, etc.

          • Jabberwokk

            I appreciate the spirit in which you say this.

            But the way I see it it’s like eating a meal with A steak and pineapple.

            I hate pineapple. Like A lot.

            But if I must eat the pineapple so I can enjoy my steak then I’d rather do it and get it over with.

            likewise if I hate Death. Like A lot.

            But if I must Die then I’d rather get it over with.

            So unless this life is important, and I believe it is, then there’s no need for me to be here. But because I do it’s a moot point.

          • I love pineapple 😉

            Hang in there. No rush. Enjoy the ride.

          • Clausewitz

            I guess you missed that whole “Free will” portion of the Bible.

          • Jabberwokk

            I don’t follow. Life either has value and therefor has importance or it doesn’t. What has that got to do with free will?

          • “Value” is a concept that can only properly be used with regard to something (someone) with consciousness and free will. A table has no values, nothing to protect or gain. A vegetable has quasi-values (their life, health), but no awareness of them and no free will to pursue them by choice; it does so automatically.

          • Jabberwokk

            Actually…that helped me out.

            Though When I say ‘Value’ I mean ‘of worth’. But what you said did get me to think in more a relational way. A table or vegetable has value only to a person who decides it’s value. But people are temporary and therefore the value they bestow is temporary. If however if the person was eternal then the value is eternal.

            Therefore if God(A person eternal) values life then life truly has value and therefore importance.

          • Yes. People are temporary is what started this conversation, remember? Even if I get someone to love me or admire me (or vice versa) when that person is gone, gone also is his or her bond to me. The memory remains, but not for long, because I too disappear. Presumably, God values life since He created it (so monotheists believe, and like me you seem to be one) – and being All-Good, He must have considered it a good idea, a good thing to do. So saith the Bible in Genesis 1.

  • Mark

    Pot’s harmless remember.

  • UCSPanther

    Sounds like a family got into a supply chain dispute with organized crime, and this was the result…