New Video Of Paris Attack: The Moment Muslim Terrorist Brahim Abdeslam Went Boom!

Horrific new CCTV footage shows the moment a Paris suicide bomber blows himself up inside a busy French restaurant on the night of carnage that left 130 innocent people dead

Note that when he went “Poof” everyone else was left largely unharmed.

  • john700

    The maker of the bombs used that night failed big time.

    • Juanita Solomon

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  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    Imagine a world without Islam……

    How much better would the world be?…….


  • “Note that when he went “Poof” everyone else was left largely unharmed.”

    Don’t tell them that! Let it be a surprise when they reach the afterlife.
    Allah: “Sorry Mohammad, but you don’t get the 72 virgins — the only thing you succeeded in doing is blowing yourself up, you moron!”

    Also, don’t tell them that Western counter-jihadists fighting in the Middle East actually dip their bullets in pig’s blood (seriously — watched it in a documentary). A lot of “martyrs” are going to be in for a big surprise when they reach the afterlife.