Crappy Mexican Streetcar Manufacturer Bombardier Screws Up Again – Still Wants A Billion From Tax Payers

Bombardier Transportation vowed Monday it is taking steps to speed up delivery of new streetcars to the Toronto Transit Commission, but the company said it will only deliver a total of 16 of the vehicles this year.

The TTC currently has 17 of the new low-floor streetcars in service — three of which were delivered earlier this year. That means only 13 more streetcars will arrive by the end of 2016.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Bombardier used to want money to keep jobs in Canada.
    Now they want our money to move jobs to Mexico.
    Maybe they should be asking the Mexicans for the money.

    • I think the reference to “Mexican” is supposed to be satirical.

      Anyway places like Mexico and Brazil already manufacture, and use, better public transportation than we do. Because the majority of people don’t own automobiles, public transportation is essential. I think Mercedes Benz has factories in both places — very comfortable buses.

  • huron


  • BillyHW

    Streetcars are useless as well. Buses can drive around obstacles, and they don’t destroy the roads.

    • andycanuck

      Or, generally, get effed-up by ice storms or sleet.

      • Juanita Solomon

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      • Gary

        I saw a picture of the new cars from above and I have already spotted a flaw in the design where all of the Electrics and AC units are on the roof .
        There doesn’t seem to be any shroud to protect the system from dust or our heavy rains that can last 3 days . They tested these cars in ideal conditions , but those AC condensers will clog up from leaves and dust on top of our snow in the winter covering the Electrics. The Fans will clog up as well unless they build a plastic cover with side vents that draw air up into it with a exhaust fan at the back to remove the hot air .

        But, the TTC has been run by a bunch of clowns for for over 40 years and it’s one screw-up after another while nobody gets fired.

        • andycanuck

          That will be interesting to keep a lookout for, Gary. If it does happen, I’ll remember where I first read about potential problems.

    • Gary

      I proposed a a Bus/street car Hybrid where the bus looked like the old Trolley buses in Toronto back in the late 1980’s. But it would be a Diesel Electric type bus with a set of street car wheels that came down into the tracks while the rubber wheels retracted up under the bus. The drive would switch over the Electric and then unhook the trolley cables to guide onto the power line.
      It would function like a street car but if got into an accident the buses behind it on the tracks would stop , pump-up the suspension and drop down the rubber wheels while the steel wheels retract and the driver disconnects the Trolley arm to run in the Diesel engine .
      The bus lowers so the rubber wheels are at a normal position and the bus drives around the problem to align it self with the tracks and return to the procedure to go back to a Electric bus/Street car .

      When the street car breaks down the whole in that directs comes to a stop and the TTC bring in Buses anyway .
      So why not a Hybrid made up as combination of both vehicles because if the Street car version broke down it just convert to a Diesel bus and could finish the route or just go right to the repair Barn on it’s own .

      We have brutal winters the odd time I can’t see Toronto keeping these amusement park rides for another 50 years .
      Politicians have ignored how old the City is getting , so they wait for a crisis to look like the hero when they rush in to fix it at 5x the cost if they dealt with it earlier.
      They are all dreamers Pre-Election with their promises and visions to pump money into Public transit , but once in power they point the finger at the other 2 Levels of Government that must fund it .
      Suddenly were Broke , they can’t afford it at this time ( as if it will be cheaper in 20 years to expand the subway) .

      All new subway tunnel should be large to handle the 2- level trains similar to the GO train to carry more people . But the problem is that the Leaders will have 1000 reasons for why any proposal won’t work no matter how many examples of it working.

    • ntt1

      Street car tracks are useful in controlling road lice (bikes) get those front tires stuck in a track groove and its hello emergency.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But don’t #MexicanJobsMatter ?

  • Jaedo Drax

    Maybe the TTC should ask Siemens if they have any OTS street cars that would meet the needs of Toronto that could be delivered sooner than 2019

  • simus1

    As long as the rent seeking maker and the rent seeking unions are happy with our fab clown council’s NDP style nonstop money wasting culture, that pretty much covers the main points.