Continental Breakfast

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UK city is ‘too multicultural’ to celebrate St George’s Day

Tens of thousands of people are calling for a Target boycott

Islamic nations call emergency meeting on Golan Heights ‘escalation’

Kasich vetting veep picks

Canadian Mom Investigated for Letting Kids Play Alone in Backyard

$15 Won’t Be The “Minimum” Wage, It Will Be The Only Wage

Schools are helping police spy on kids’ social media activity

Muslim Migrant Kicks Wife in Head by for Wanting to Learn Swedish

Black Women Campus Party canceled because someone invited non-blacks

Saudi family therapist explains wife-beating

“The Beaver Was, In Effect, Holding Sergei Hostage”

After Nearly 50 Year Straight Marriage, a 90 Year-Old Former Dem Senator is Marrying a 40 Year-Old Dude – Mamba

  • Brett_McS

    This is one of my favourite videos and always makes me smile:

  • canminuteman

    If 15 dollars became the only wage, I’d retire. I was planning on working another 15 years, but if that is all I could make I wouldn’t bother.

  • ontario john

    While laid off oil patch workers are trying to pay the bills, Great Leader and his cabinet are at a five star resort in Alberta having a great time. Trudeau was first to cry about evil Harper paying consultants, but it appears the Liberals are exempt. Among the speakers is an 8 thousand dollar a day “Deliverogy” new age guru. Wow man, I bet some great pot will be smoked at that one.

  • tom_billesley

    “Home Improvement”: Bradford street brawl erupted after an argument over power tools. Four jailed for assault: Hussain Khan, Bilal Ahmed Khan, Waqqas Khan and Ajib Khan (a Mohamed free crime)

    • Hunt under way for man who repeatedly punched teenage girl in face during unprovoked attack

      “The man briefly engaged her in conversation before repeatedly punching her to the face,” said a police spokesman. “The man continued to strike her to the head even when she had gone to the ground.”

      The assailant is described as Asian, about 30 years old, skinny build and 5ft 7ins tall. He was described as having a close cropped beard around his jaw line and upper lip with a longer beard to his chin. He was dressed in dark clothing and appeared to be intoxicated.

      • tom_billesley

        Must be a sharia street enforcer.

        • canminuteman

          The Royal Navy needs to put Bradford on its nuclear targeting list.

  • BillyHW

    There is really no rock bottom when it comes to Democratic homosexual perversity, is there?

    Also, Kasich is a douchebag.

    • See Koch post above. GOP short list is Kasich-Ryan-Clinton.

      I’m just going to throw this out there: which state do you think will be the first to ban Trump’s name from the ballot and will the FEC do anything?

  • ontario john

    CTV reports that Great Leader is thinking of selling off public assets to pay for his spending spree across Canada. This includes building, rail lines, and ports. Also CBC is reporting that Great Leader is going to dip into pension funds to help pay for his projects. What could possibly go wrong with that?

    • A little known fact is that the US government has spent its employee’s pensions. Turdeau seems to be following Obama’s lead everywhere.

    • Justin is doing a Wynne.

  • tom_billesley
    • My .30-.30 is named Respect – “You want Respect? Imma show you some Respect!” The AR-15 is Reason, as in “It’s time for you to listen to Reason.”