Canadian gov’t was ‘very directly involved’ in negotiating for John Ridsdel: What went wrong?

Canadian government was ‘very directly involved’ in negotiating for John Ridsdel: Bob Rae

OTTAWA — It’s a line made famous by Hollywood: We do not negotiate with terrorists. But a former Canadian diplomat says in reality, Canada and many other countries do get involved when their citizens have been kidnapped and held for ransom by terrorist groups. Which raises the question: What went wrong in the Philippines?

  • john700

    So stupid Justin was not able to charm the Muslims?

  • Martin B

    Whenever Trudope wonders what went wrong, he can always look in the mirror to find the answer.

    • mauser 98

      no.. that won’t work

  • Q: Canadian gov’t was ‘very directly involved’ in negotiating for John Ridsdel: What went wrong?

    A: Canadian gov’t was ‘very directly involved’ in negotiating for John Ridsdel

    • BillyHW

      You’re a pretty smart mouse.

    • Miss Trixie


  • Ron MacDonald

    They have no respect for Trudeau.

  • mobuyus

    If the ransom had been paid these fuckers would have cut his head off anyway. islam is islam wherever it’s filthy stench settles.

  • Waffle

    Aside from the fact that something went horribly wrong, this is even more intriguing:

    “Gar Pardy, former head of consular services at the department of foreign affairs, now known as Global Affairs Canada, said governments always say they will not negotiate with terrorist groups and foreign criminals who kidnap their citizens. “But the simple rule is: you always pay,” he said. “It’s as simple as that.”

    Former civil servant? Retired? Glory-seeking? Interesting that the reporter then proceeds to devote the rest of his piece to Pardy’s assertions.

    Silly, naive me, always thought that people in such sensitive positions carried the secrets of their jobs with the to the grave.

    • It is an open secret that Canada has paid ransom in the past.

  • Frances

    Perchance he was not a Liberal?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Bob Rae is full of shit.

    • Canadian

      That is a fact!

  • Canadian

    The pix says it all.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      It’s even worse on CBC.

  • Gary

    After he read that scripted response he quickly ran to the Local Mosque to assure muslims that the beheading that emulated muhammad had NOTHING to do with islam.

  • Like fun they were.

  • DVult

    Whenever something like this happens we need to track down and kill whoever did it as well as as many as possible of whatever group they belong to. I’m guessing the quiff masquerading as PM will choose a big fat nothing instead.

  • cdajoe

    Because its 2015, thats why.

    • Miss Trixie

      Sunny ways, darls, sunny ways.

  • jmw

    Where were our special ops teams–some of the finest in the world? Perhaps if the media had paid attention to these victims instead of Justin’s socks, it might have made a difference. Just saying’….

  • ontario john

    Maybe Trudeau should have told the terrorists that he is a feminist. That would scare them.

  • marty_p

    John (I’m in the closet) Moore on Newstalk 1010 this morning performed a wonderful dance routine ….better than anything on Dancing With the Stars … in avoiding saying the words Muslim or Islam when discussing the beheading. He called the perps criminals/terrorists/meanies/nasty people but absolutely avoided the obvious.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Those victims were kidnapped last September , who was the prime minister back then I guess it was Harper , the Harpomaniacs didnt do nothing either !