Tell the Ghosts

Remember playing cops and robbers, reading about Nancy Drew and the thieves she was trying to catch, hearing stories about St. George and the Dragon? Good vs. evil – always the same theme. Now our heroes are dysfunctional and confused, with angst and self- flagellation the norm; we have preferences now, not morals.

No culture can long stand on such a floppy foundation. We know, deep in our hearts that some things are eternally wrong, forever evil to the core, but flinch not when nail children to crosses. Don’t bat an eye when they claim the right to beat their wives. Turn the other cheek — in a misreading of Matthew — when your neighbors are blown up on their way to work. If your sense of good and evil is still functioning, you spend a lot of time cringing, both at the atrocities that are being perpetrated, and at the lack of concern most display at the news of them.

Oh well.