Map Reveals the Actual Population of Transgenders per 100,000 Individuals

And as expected, it’s damn few.

  • If men want to dress as women in public and expect every facet of society to accept or at least tolerate them, then why can’t I wear blackface or a headdress?

    • Well why not?

    • Tom Forsythe

      Shunning and public shaming are horrible things; unless you are a social conservative, in which case they are mandatory.

  • Doesn’t this prove it’s cultural, not genetic?
    Can you say “mental health issue cluster”?

    • Mental health?

      A resounding yes.

      • JoKeR

        Thair’s money in them thair ills!

        And if you call out those with severe psychiatric problems for their problems/insanity/inanity/ridiculousness they will sue you, which is the whole point of this.

      • Gary

        I agree. In my area there is a man that dressed as a women ( no dresses ) going back to about 1985 when I first notice him.
        Nobody really cared which I guess was because he didn’t go full PRIDE Drag and was subtle with slacks, panty hose, blouse, slip on shoes and a touch of rouge.

        Then , about 6 years ago when cross-dressing became a Human Right thanks to CUPE in Toronto I had seen this same person suddenly in blue jeans , men’s shirts and no rouge or perfume .
        Today he still wear jeans and runner plus a men coat in the cold weather.
        As soon as I saw him dressing in the normal male type outfits it had hit that he had a Mental Health issue to want attention or to rebel against the norms and prompt reactions and be the focus of a debate.

        Take a look at Wynne , Libby Davies and Svend Robinson because those 3 were in Heterosexual relationships until they suddenly had the lust for Politics and now claim they are homosexuals.
        But today it seems to be the norm where people can Self-Identify what they are which is a great OUT for these 3 plus anyone that wants to hijack being Black and maybe even an Animal trapped in a human body.

        I won’t be shock when the HRC backs a women that claims she’s a dog and a Cafe wouldn’t give her a Water bowl to drink from or sell Kibbles & Bits on the menu .

        • My brother worked with a similar person. The aforementioned disturbed person was dressing like his mother. My brother would not go along with it.

          People are tribal and in the strangest tribes.

          Whom the gods wish to destroy and such.

    • Interesting point.

    • Clausewitz

      I’ve always believed that nurture trumps nature.

  • andycanuck

    So not even 11 in the few states that reach that level.

  • Whatever one’s views on this or any subject are, always think of the bigger picture. Is allowing something on scant evidence or for a small number in the best interests of the public?

    Someone always says yes.

    The needs of the many and so on.

    • Tyranny of the minority.

      • Tyranny of the oligarchy, actually.

        The cross-dressers would not have the power they have if someone did not give it to them.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Hundreds of thousands of people are inconvenienced and millions spent for the sake of 3 or 4 people.

    • Pretty much.

    • An obvious solution would be single stall unisex bathrooms in addition to traditional male and female facilities – that should be acceptable to everyone, except whoever has to pay for them. But that isn’t acceptable to the gender bender warriors: mainstream society must be forced to recognize men as women and bow at the alter of political correctness. This isn’t about “trans” rights, it’s about punishing and subjugating predominately white hetero-normative culture – just like #BLM, Islam, and SJWs in colleges are doing. It is an attempt at a total overthrow of western civilization.