Italian chihuahuas ‘kidnapped for ransom’

chihuahuaItalians are being warned never to lose sight of their dogs after a surge in kidnappings of chihuahuas and other small “toy” dogs that thieves sell for breeding or demand a hefty ransom to return.

As many as 3,500 chihuahuas were stolen in 2015, compared with 1,400 the previous year, according to an Italian animal rights’ organisation.

Growing up we owned a couple of the little buggers. Each was given to us by someone who could no longer care for them… or wanted to.

“Mighty” became my pup, he was the most over-sexed dog I ever encountered.

The Apple of his eye was a German shepherd who lived on the next street.

God that was embarrassing.

  • Mighty was ambitious. I like that in a dog.

    • He had Spunk!

      • Blacksmith

        And he shared it with that German sheperd didn’t he……
        I’m sorry I will go sit in the corner now.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Small dog thefts have been a thing in Vancouver, too. For some strange reason the yappy little beasties are very popular (why not just get a cat?) and there are very few available in shelters, which are mostly full of larger dogs. Granted, not everyone has the space for a larger dog. Many people here who want small dogs or puppies go to the get them. There are a lot of “pet scammers” and “pet flippers” too, mostly drug addicts. scammers typically post pictures of adorable puppies or kittens that don’t actually exist, and ask people to pay a “deposit” to hold the puppy or kitten for them until it’s weaned and ready to adopt. Flippers typically get pets for free and then sell them.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Now see our problem with these micro dogs is that we can’t leave them outside alone without risking an attack from hawks and vultures.