Intel wants more foreign workers, lays off 12000

From Daily Caller:

Tech giant Intel is laying off some 12,000 workers, although it’s one of the country’s 15 largest users of H-1Bs, which are temporary visas that allow companies to hire foreign workers for American tech jobs. The big-time layoffs come even as the company has called for hikes in the number of foreign workers it is able to hire using H-1B visas.

But the firings stand out in light of Intel’s lobbying to expand the H-1B visa program. In 2013, the company’s government affairs managers complained that Intel simply can’t find enough homegrown workers in technical fields to meet ilts needs.More.

Reality check: Big Chip wants expendable people.

If they can’t find enough technically qualified people in the United States, is that because compulsory education systems have long since ceased to be anything but a cash cow for teachers’ unions and educrats? Better not mess with their racket. Virtue-gab and rights talk is a finely honed specialty with them. Performance, apparently, not so much. And the public still buys it.

Why any Americans who need to work support donorcrat-driven political campaigns is best explained by Mark Steyn’s comment that some civilizations become too stupid to survive.

See also: Botworld: Where the citizen is no longer an asset Botworld bears very directly on the Trump campaign because the GOP cannot afford to acknowledge or deal with its significance. Too compromised.

  • I do hope Trump stands firm on this issue.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      As Trump says, it’s the laws.
      Corporations have a legal duty to maximize shareholder value.
      Trump will change the laws.

  • El Martyachi
    • It’ll come. More and more people are waking to the scam of free trade and immigration.

      • El Martyachi


  • Alain

    This kind of “big business” has no loyalty whatsoever to their own country, and sadly it isn’t new. There were such businesses during WW II who continued doing business with the enemy on the sly. The difference I see is that now with big government the government cooperates with them by granting their requests. So both big business and big government are the enemy of their own people. What will it take for the majority of citizens to wake up to it? Even if they do wake up the system is so entrenched that it would take an armed revolution to change things.