Afghanistan in ‘worst humanitarian crisis’ since 2001 following Nato drawdown

The 18 months since American and British forces pulled out of Afghanistan have seen it plunged into its worst humanitarian crisis since the start of operations in 2001, according to the outgoing head of the international Red Cross.

The drawdown of Nato troops including the British and Americans has seen an upsurge in fighting, with the Taliban now able to bring the war to major cities for the first time, Jean-Nicolas Marti told The Telegraph.

Last year saw the number of war wounded evacuated by the International Committee of the Red Cross grow by 30 per cent on the year before. This year’s figure is already on course to outstrip that, even before the summer “fighting season” starts.

How many billions in aid? Where did it all go?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Not all cultures are equal.
    Not all cultures are worthy objects of compassion or deserving of assistance.
    Not all cultures should persist.

    The value of a culture is determined by the value of the individuals participating in that culture because bad cultures are always the product of the ratio of bad people inhabiting that culture.

    When enough Afghans starve and die because of their own structural defects, they will either improve or disappear into oblivion. Giving them aid only prolongs that process.

  • G

    Even during the Afghan campaign I didn’t buy the whole load of P.R. crap about “saving the wonderful friendly people of Afghanistan” or even more stupid, “protecting women’s rights in Afghanistan”.

    Who cares about the “wonderful” people of Afghanistan or it’s women?

    The Afghans and the sycophants in the left and the media love to describe this shithole as the “graveyard of Empires”. The only reason no one has permanently occupied this dump is that there isn’t enough value in it to justify policing the useless primates that infest it.

    Claiming that the British Empire, the Soviet Union & NATO were defeated is like saying the Detroit city police were defeated because, after several decades, Detroit is *STILL* a crime ridden, poverty stricken piss puddle.

    The …”wonderful” people of Afghanistan pretty much to blame for their own poverty.
    Screw them.

  • BillyHW

    Can it really be called a humanitarian crisis if they aren’t even humans?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Not seeing the downside here