Turkey arrests ‘Islamic State’ suspects ahead of Merkel visit

Foreigners with suspected links to the ‘Islamic State‘ (IS) terrorist group accused of planning an attack against “state dignitaries“ have been detained in Turkey ahead of a visit by top EU officials.

The arrests took place overnight in the conservative city of Konya, in the center of the country, local authorities reported Saturday. The six foreigners were detained as Turkey prepared for a
visit by European Council head Donald Tusk and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Gaziantep, which borders Syrian and territories controlled by ‘IS.’

According to a statement from officials in the conservative city of Konya, the suspects “wanted to attack dignitaries of the state and strategic targets.”

  • simus1

    Just visiting?
    That is disappointing.
    Surely there must be at least one turk who can be ordered to turn on the animal magnetism plus charm and persuade her to stay there and convert to islam?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Aren’t these plotters biting the hands that feed them?

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Gosh, it would be horrible if anything bad happened to Fraulein Merkel at the hands of muzzies.