Tommy Robinson Attacked by Muslim in Luton


The video, which was caught live on Mr. Robinson’s Periscope page, shows him being approached in a car park by a man in full Muslim dress, demanding to know whether Mr. Robinson is “racist” or not.

Mr. Robinson explained the incident to Breitbart London, stating that he was going to a builder’s warehouse in Bury Park, Luton when he was “beeped at” by a man in a car and ushered over.

“That’s when I started recording [on Periscope],” Mr. Robinson explained, “Coz I knew what it was gonna be”.

The video shows a man getting out of a car, urging Mr. Robinson to “jump into my car”.

At that point, Mr. Robinson refuses, stating, “I’m just going about my business, working bruv”.

After a few seconds the man exits the car, asking repeatedly, “Are you racist? Are you racist?”

Mr. Robinson replied, “I don’t like Islam” — to which the man asks, “Why?” before slapping the phone out of Mr. Robinson’s hands and allegedly (off camera) proceeding to punch him repeatedly in the face.

  • Brett_McS

    He should get one of those body cams that the police in the US wear. This is obviously the beginning of another effort to get him into a fight to give the police an excuse to lock him up again.

  • andycanuck

    So have the cops charged Robinson with assaulting the Moslem’s knuckles yet?

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “Why don’t you like Islam?”
    The question indicates the questioner is either of exceedingly low intelligence or a muzzie (which would mean low iq as well of course).