The Self-Contradictory Liberals

the-intolerant-world-of-campus-liberalismIt is no secret that politicians on both the “right” and “left” lie, dissemble, equivocate, misrepresent, misinform, falsify, whitewash and cover up. Not even the noble and honest Cicero was immune to fudging and shifting sides. It is the nature of politics. For much of the time we put up with it until it grows so far-fetched, we can no longer shut our eyes and let ourselves be lulled into further acquiescence. We all put up with this, do our best to spot the lies, or rely on investigative journalists to dig beneath the surface of what governments claim or their opponents hide.

But something strange has been happening to people calling themselves liberals.

  • Waffle

    Very timely essay. Long, but well worth the read.

    Antisemitism is the “original sin”. It goes way, way back even to the time before the Hebrews became Jews. Ironic that this piece comes to us at the beginning of this year’s Passover which commemorates the flight of the Hebrew tribes from Egypt.

    The ritual of the Seder is fraught with symbols, compelling us to remember the bitterness and hardship of slavery (among other things).
    But today, we worship the golden calf, just as our ancestors did and we have forgotten the freedoms our fathers fought for.

    The wandering and homeless tribes became Jews when they accepted the Torah which Moses brought down from the mountain. They smashed the idolatrous calf and used the gold to build an ark to protect the Torah.

    Also ironically, those that would destroy the promise of a “land of milk and honey” — the erev rav — were among those that fled Egypt. They are with us still. “in every generation they rise up against us”.

  • Whom the gods wished to destroy and so forth.

    Everything liberals do, say and believe defies reason. If Israel was truly an apartheid state, why would Arabs choose to live there?

    But why let facts get in the way of the Narrative?