Sweden: ‘Green Party may have been infiltrated by Islamists’

Lars Nicander, director of the Centre for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defence College, fears that the Green Party, the junior partner of the Social Democrats in the Swedish coalition government, has been infiltrated by Islamists.

Making reference to the recent controversies involving Green Party politicians, Mehmet Kaplan and Yasri Khan, Nicander, speaking to Swedish television channel, TV4, drew parallels with the way the Soviet Union tried to infiltrate political parties and organizations during the Cold War.

“I see a similarity to how Soviet communism was acting during the Cold War when it tried to infiltrate the various democratic parties.”

Nicander said that the Green Party is a young party that is well-intentioned and inclusive. But he believes that the party is naïve and it’s this quality that makes it vulnerable to those with agendas.

“No party is immune to people that come in with different agendas.”

Sweden Green Party co-leader Asa Romson called 911 an "Accident"

Sweden Green Party co-leader Asa Romson called 911 an “Accident”

Doesn’t sound much different from PM Useful Idiot’s owners.