Progressives… Such Courage!

It says far more about them…

Rutgers art work

  • Shebel

    That is OK.
    Toss your darts at Jesus.
    Let Muslims fuck your babies.
    It is a phase .

  • luna

    Same people who say, “I’m all for free speech, but drawing Muhammad is dumb.”?

  • Gary

    While they toss darts ISIS is tossing gays from roof tops .

    The silence from Obama is taken as his tacit approval to continue killings gays , those gays won’t get to votes for Obama so what’s a few less queer’s on earth outside of the USA.

  • mobuyus

    When they’re not tossing darts at poor old Jesus the leftists are tossing bum darts at each other.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I’d go and cut their heads off.
    But, I have a job and I don’t have the time to go track them down.
    And really, I don’t care what they do that is in bad taste.
    My skin is pretty thick and I don’t have time for idiots like that.
    Good luck putting that on a resume goofballs.
    And you can’t hide it, either, when you pretend to get serious about earning a living.
    The internet will find you.

    • V10_Rob

      Said it before, say it again. If Christians took a couple of heads, the fashionably anti-religious would suddenly be filled with all kinds of respect and tolerance.

      Just remember, insulting of the Son of God triggered you, so your lack of control is all their fault. Works for the islamists.

    • Ha! The left is trying to provoke us to behead them, because “all religions and cultures are same”. Personally, I’m too lazy to behead people — it means I would have sharpen my machete (and pick up a new cross-hatch file at Canadian Tire — my old one’s had the biscuit).

  • ontario john

    Leftists have always been cowards. If they consider themselves so brave, why don’t they ever do something like this with islam.

  • Mannie

    Issue a Fartwah! Riot in the streets! Kill the infidels!

    Oh wait. We don’t do that. We’re Civilized.

  • bargogx1

    It’s time for action when it comes to things like this. Every time something like this happens, the equivalent Islamic symbol needs to be desecrated in the exact same way. The hypocrisy must be exposed not just verbally, but graphically.

  • FactsWillOut

    Anyone with any biblical knowledge at all would see that the darts were not tossed at Jesus.
    This is just mongering. The act could even be be viewed as a for of praise.
    That folk choose to be insulted tells more about them than it does about the guy who made it.