Islamism Down Under

Theodore Dalrymple – A brutal prison beating has Australians wondering just how deep the roots of the radical ideology run.

On April 17, Australia’s Sydney Sunday Telegraph carried pictures of the horrific injuries inflicted on 40 year-old prisoner Michael O’Keefe by his 18 year-old cellmate Bourhan Hraichie. O’Keefe is a former Australian army reservist who had boasted of having killed Muslims while on active service. Hraichie is a known supporter of the Islamic State.

According to reports, O’Keefe, who is awaiting trial on domestic violence charges, was thought by prison authorities to be suicidal and therefore safer in a two-man cell than on his own. Hraichie was the man selected to prevent him from harming himself.

  • Martin B

    So if any BCF commenters end up in pokey, we can probably look forward to being locked up in the same cell with Islamic State supporters for our own safety.

    • john700

      I think their plan worked, now Mr. O’Keefe seems to care more about his precious life.

  • xavier

    I would put all prisoner convicted of violent crimes to be placed isolation with no contact for 7 months. Then a reassessment with a possibility to renew the isolation

    Some people need to be isolated as much as possible because for now there’should little success for rehabilitated

  • Ron MacDonald

    Muslim should be held in individual isolation so they can’t organize in prison.

  • disqusW6sf

    “The Islamists are thus a kind of prison Mafia, with their own version of omertà. This is far from the first time that anxieties have been raised about Islamism in Australian prisons” It sounds like something Robinson experienced in British jails. Interesting to see what other western countries have islamic mafias operating within their prisons. All is quiet….

  • trespasserswill

    “…was thought by prison authorities to be suicidal and therefore safer in a two-man cell…”
    So they chose a cell mate who was almost guaranteed to try to murder him. Seems to me they were trying to get rid of a troublesome inmate, by unorthodox methods.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    At least Oz is an island, if they were to deport all the muzzies and not allow any more back in they could be sure they won’t sneak in.