Hackers steal $81 million from a Bangladeshi bank with no firewall… and were only caught out when the illiterate fraudsters spelt ‘foundation’ as ‘fandation’

Hackers involved in one of the biggest bank robberies in history thought they had won the jackpot – until they were caught out by a simple spelling mistake.

Some 20 people are believed to be behind the £60 million heist ($81m), which targeted the central bank of Bangladesh – which has no firewall.

The hackers also attempted to steal a further £600 million ($850m) but were caught out when they spelt ‘foundation’ as ‘fandation’.

If the hackers had used a dictionary, they would have made off with nearly $1 billion.

  • Martin B

    Imagine if everything in Canada was at Bangladeshi standards. That’s the endpoint of multiculturalism.

    • I would not invest there I think.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        It’s too bad George Harrison isn’t around to save the day.

    • marty_p

      Who will make our cheap T shirts?

  • The Butterfly

    No firewall…isn’t this where they outsource our IT jobs to?

  • Gary

    Time at Last.

    Now they can read all the books they want to learn how to spell.