Uzbekistan bank robbers labour for tiny haul

A bank robbery in Uzbekistan’s western Khorezm region appears to have exposed the parlous state of some financial institutions in the country.

While the sum of 16,131,000 Uzbek soms might seem a lot, especially when the criminal gang had to load the cash into their van in 45 sacks, their haul turned out to be worth only $2,600 (£1,800) on current black market rates, US government-backed Radio Ozodlik reports. According to local officials, the gang broke a window to gain access to the branch of Mikrokredit Bank in Bog’ot and smashed safes to get hold of their bulky yet small fortune. The suspects, who reportedly include a former security guard at the bank, were subsequently arrested, and now face up to 16 years in prison.

h/t ZD