Uzbekistan bank robbers labour for tiny haul

A bank robbery in Uzbekistan’s western Khorezm region appears to have exposed the parlous state of some financial institutions in the country.

While the sum of 16,131,000 Uzbek soms might seem a lot, especially when the criminal gang had to load the cash into their van in 45 sacks, their haul turned out to be worth only $2,600 (£1,800) on current black market rates, US government-backed Radio Ozodlik reports. According to local officials, the gang broke a window to gain access to the branch of Mikrokredit Bank in Bog’ot and smashed safes to get hold of their bulky yet small fortune. The suspects, who reportedly include a former security guard at the bank, were subsequently arrested, and now face up to 16 years in prison.

h/t ZD

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    So, Borat WAS right!

  • Martin B

    $ 2600 for 16 years works out to about 45 cents a day. Schmucks.

  • Clink9

    Uzbeks drank my battery fluid!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Here is a side of Uzbekistan that never makes the news, and I know witnesses who swear this is true.

    • Ha! One track mind. They’ve certainly got that Central Asian, crossroads-of-the-millennia thing going on, don’t they? They’re Turkic, but there’s obviously a lot of Iranian-type and some oriental (I don’t know what other word to use in this context) DNA happening there. Very striking.

      Still, when all is said and done, they are the weak link in the great chain of socialism.

  • tom_billesley

    The name of Persian mathematician al-Khwarizmi indicates that he was from Khorezm. I guess they’re not keeping up their mathematics skills.