Only You can Stop Whiteness

A specter is haunting America. The specter of white privilege, white supremacy and whiteness. What is whiteness? If you ask the radical education activists at the 17th Annual White Privilege Conference,”whiteness” is the source of all human evil. Also it’s the race of the majority of the country.

  • H

    “What will happen to Asian, Latino and African-American educators who still want to focus on goals, honesty and hard work?”

    They’ll probably be left alone, actually. This isn’t about dislike or disapproval of “white” (presumably this roughly translates as “Western”) ethics or ideals per se: it’s about naked, irrational, blind hatred of whites. When white people have been effectively dehumanized and excluded from any meaningful participation in society, the white “privilege” haters will move on from this issue and presumably shift their hatred to some other group.

  • pdxnag

    It is the new Jew. Primed for genocidal slaughter by incessant demonetization.

    • Kell

      Yep! Isolate, demonize then destroy…though that last isn’t going to work out so well for them!

  • jack burns

    They are gunning their end-of-white machine at peak load since Barry Shortpants is at least theoretically gone next Jan. So now we have these Red Guard squeaks going out at pitches only Flipper could here. Fueling a lot of this rage is some vague suspicion they have that there is this mysterious, huge pile of money somewhere that white people have and are not giving them because they are mean. Its the old “this is why we can’t have nice things” bait for idiots.

  • The graffiti on the wall is actually Rastafarian dogma, hence the reference to “God”. The Rasta dogma is “racist”, nevertheless it is normally innocuous — Rastas do not normally condone violence against White people.

    The problem is when militant Left racist organizations such as BLM dig up these obscure dogmas, appropriate it for themselves, and use it to propagate violence against White people. Does anybody remember anything violent about Bob Marley? I certainly don’t. Members of BLM et al are sickos.

  • Alain

    When all of them give up using “white” products, inventions, technology, dress and every example of progress, they can talk. Until then who honestly takes them seriously?

  • Blind Druid

    Whiteness is what Blackness is gonna come slap up against when the gloves eventually come off. I hope it don’t come to that. But if it does it will be done real quick and done real hard. Done Again. Then will they learn?

    • Kell

      I’m with you, hoping it doesn’t come but fearing it is coming and getting ready now! My children are NOT going to be statistics for some phony racial grievance bullshit, NOT gonna happen!

  • Kell

    …we should have just picked our own cotton!