Leitch launches limp liberal persona

Kellie Leitch tears up over role in barbaric cultural practices tip line

If this is where the conservative party is headed then they deserve to lose.

Our “conservatives” are showing all the instincts of the GOP establishment.

  • J. C.

    Saw this wench on the news earlier today… If she become the new Conservative leader, then we’re guaranteed another decade of Trudeau. *pukes*

    • Is she considered a front-runner? Then again I suspect if not Leitch someone just as delusional will win the “prize”, If so then we need a 4th party.

  • reidjr

    I thin in a way the Cpc might try and become more pro Islamic then the Liberals.

    • It seems so, Chris what’s his name and Jason what’s his name both talked out of both sides of their mouth on the matter of Islam hoping to cultivate them, ultimately the Muslims chose Justin who will happily blow them for a vote.

      Pathetically the Conservatives nearly doubled the number of Islamist settlers during their watch. What possessed them to import a violent supremacist cult is beyond me other than to meet the number of bodies required to claim success for their mass immigration scam.

      • reidjr

        They scare me more then JT right now as I fear they will go really extreme to get the muslim vote.

      • Kaye92

        They betrayed Canadians and conservative Canadians in particular on the issue of mass Muslim immigration: personally, I won’t forget (or forgive).

  • TheSandGal

    Maxime Bernier. I hold out some hope for him. We’ll see how he acquits himself as the race evolves.

    Leitch is anti-gun too, for what it’s worth. No chance I would ever support her, even if she was the CPC leader.

    • Why is that crybaby in the Conservative party? Not that I care much as I suspect the leadership race will culminate in the selection of some careerist hack much like her.

      • El Martyachi

        That is a question best answered by Billy.

    • Alain

      Even Bernier has been unwilling to date to address the elephant in the room: mass population replacement by those coming as invaders. On other issues I agree with you about him.

  • simus1

    PCs tend to elect useless idiots as leader when they gather together in large groups for more than an hour at a time.

    • They will be much less worthy of the name conservative when this hot mess is finally dealt with.

    • john700

      If you want to be voted by idiots (most of the Canadian population), you have to give them an idiot (see Trudeau).

  • eustace3

    I had to google up her name to find out her identity, and I am a regular political observer. Obviously she has not been around long enough to even think of a leadership bid, and being an MD has been greatly devalued as a leadership credential by Hedy Fry and Carolyn Bennett.
    Whatever her motives are for declaring, her impact is bound to be minimal.

    • I dunno, I wouldn’t be surprised if the owners of the Conservative party are hankering for Kim What’s her name the 2nd. On account it’s 2016 and all.

  • ontario john

    The Ontario Conservative Party is the same way. Patrick Brown has turned it into Liberal Lite. He is going to attend the homosexual parade this Summer, agrees with a global warming carbon tax scam, and rebukes anyone in his caucus that makes a sexist joke. Why vote for him, when we already have a Wynne.

    • john700


    • eustace3

      Yes, Brown could have a field day with Liberals wasting of $Billions on useless wind plants and other “climate change” fiascoes, but he prefers to court the GTA crowd, assuming rural Ont has no other choice but to vote for him. Sort of the same strategy that worked so well for PCs last time around.

    • Waffle

      Oh please get your bloody facts straight. There is no Ontario “Conservative” party — it is the Progressive Conservative party — a contradiction in terms One cancels out the other. And secondly, Brown did not turn it into LIberal Lite — it has been that way since the time of William G Davis. And thirdly, Mr. Brown is going to make a repeat showing at the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade. Remember? He marched last year with the Chief of Police.

      • Oh he’ll be there with bells on I’m sure.

        • Clink9

          Hope he remembers his Level A Hazmat suit. Never no what exactly is in those Supersoaker guns.

      • ontario john

        I should have said he has turned it into NDP lite.

  • Blacksmith

    There are no conservative politicians either side of the border, We had a couple they mostly got out of politics.

    • Seems so. Best to declare personal sovereignty and enjoy the decline.

  • frame_away

    Manitoba has lot of sandbags stored for a flood, let’s build that wall on Ontario border.

    • If we could wall in Toronto and Ottawa the ROC would be a better place.

      • john700

        What about the idiots in Nova Scotia/New Brunswick/NFLD/Quebec/Edmonton/Vancouver?

    • El Martyachi

      1. Feed Toronto to Detroit and cede the territory to the US in return for some tanks and attack helicopters.
      2. Use aforementioned materiel to level Ottawa.
      3. Declare the People’s Republic of Mantario.

      I tells ya I gots it all figured out.

  • David Smith

    How many politicians state the obvious? Precious few. Push back against the myth of agw, mental cases in the little girls washroom, homicidal maniacs as good additions to the landscape and all the rest of the insanity which permeates the 21 century zeitgeist just aint gonna happen with the present crop of mealy mouthed pols. Their too worried about getting re-elected to their cushy sinecures.

    • It’s why steps need to be taken to end politics as a lifestyle choice.

  • Skibum

    Anyone who has watched the Honor Diaries will know that Muslim women have established their own help line for women under threat.

  • Who is that man?

  • Tom Forsythe

    Harper was a moderate, but was considered to be “too far right” for Canadians. There is no way we can get political change without cultural change.

    • Sad but true.

    • lolwut?

      It wasn’t just that, Harper was just generally a stick up his ass unlikable guy
      who couldn’t smile without it looking like a smirk.

      Ambrose isn’t any better.