Islamism Is The World’s War On Women

A prominent conservative leader in Afghanistan’s government threatened a female journalist when she questioned him about opposition to legislation that will protect Afghan women from violence. His reaction shows what a real “war on women” looks like.

  • ontario john

    But the Toronto Star, Heather Mallick, and Haroooon thinks anything to do with islam is a feminist victory. How can they be wrong?

  • H

    And if that interviewer happens to be a progressive, or third wave feminist, she no doubt will justify/ignore/distort the obvious, ugly and naked hatred and contempt of that upstanding “gentleman” – and islam – toward her and toward women in general. (“He’s not representative of islam”; “he doesn’t understand islam”; “he really doesn’t mean it the way it sounds”, etc.).

    • Islam invented women’s rights!

      • Christian theologians have often cited the account of Jesus’ words to the mob about to stone a woman to death for adultery, as the most significant proof of his divinity: “Let he without sin throw the first stone”.

  • It just makes me sick to my stomach. We need to start targeting Imams and Islamic clerics like these with assassination. Why are we focusing on their ignorant foot-soldiers who are simply cannon fodder? These pigs are the intellectual authors and enforcers of this sickness.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    No wonder she’s looking for protection: she’s pretty.

  • Other than people sticking their fingers in their ears and closing their eyes, not really sure what people expected from that whole belief system. And then add tribalism on top of it all?