French Muslims express concern over lack of “Islamophobic” Backlash

France sees huge drop in anti-Muslim acts and threats

France has seen a massive drop in the number of anti-Islam acts, according to the National Observatory against Islamophobia, although Muslim leaders sounded a note of caution.

The number of anti-Islam acts in France has finally fallen after having rocketed in recent years.

New figures from the National Observatory against Islamophobia revealed that in the first three months of 2016, the number of reported anti-Islam acts dropped by 83 percent compared to the first three months of last year.

That drop bucked a recent trend that has saw a huge spike in Islamophobic acts last year.

The observatory found that there were 20 acts recorded in the period this year, compared to 56 in the same period of 2015. There were also 20 threats made, compared to 166 last year.

Gee 56 incidents at its peak, most incidents were likely graffiti I suspect, which of course is way more horrid than the slaughter of innocents in the Paris attacks.

How wise to sound a note of caution. Why just look at the terror inspiring message below.

French Islamophobic graffiti

  • luna

    Insult is worse than killing, says Allah’s self proclaimed apostle.

    • Then insults they shall have, in abundance.

      • luna

        The only effective form of de-radicalization I’m aware of is demonstrating that the path of jihad ends with a salvation free humiliating death.

  • I’m always scared of things that never happen.

    This is further evidence of how emotionally retarded Islamism is.

    • Alain

      Concerning this I suggest it isn’t being emotionally retarded but a well orchestrated plan. The Left uses the exact same method to advance their goals.

      • I meant that Islamists are emotionally retarded.

        As are leftists.

        But, yes, a plan it may be.

    • Canadian

      It diminishes the value of their victim card.

      • But it doesn’t.

        How many people still believe Islamists are victims in Western countries?

        The inmates run the asylum.

  • canminuteman

    I suspect that the cause of this is that the muzzies are now dominant. They are not the persecuted minority. In their neighbourhoods they are the persecuting majority.

  • Shebel

    SILENCE –while letting someone abuse and malign you—
    Should scare- the Media , the Politicians and Islam.

    YOU don’t know how to fight it.

  • Achmed

    The kaffir are finally learning their place as dhimmi.

  • favill

    How the fµck did you white folks ever colonize the world? Are you folks the offspring of the losers? Did all the offspring of the adventurers and magnificent bastards who took over continents, explored the oceans, went into space, broke the sound barrier and fought countless hordes of barbarians die protecting you worthless motherfµckers from Ghengis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and all the other assholes of history?

    • Alain

      Look no further than the homeland of the ancient Vikings.