An afternoon with a Jihadist

Authorities in Belgium are running a deradicalisation programme to understand why young people in Europe are giving up everything to go and fight with the so-called Islamic State group in Syria. RTÉ’s Europe Editor Tony Connelly met one 17-year-old who underwent such a programme, but then attempted to travel to Syria a few days after his interview.

*’Nasim’ opens the door on a quiet street in a mixed neighbourhood.

Soft-spoken and bashfully apologetic about his English, he wears a headscarf and a loose-fitting robe over jeans.

  • simus1

    The explanation for the syndrome is extremely simple.
    The western raised potential jihadi lives a shallow unsatisfying life and as a teenager his mind is open to acceptance of all sorts of mental garbage floating past in his environment. The simplistic all or nothing attraction of islamic violence has its own deep contradictions with reality which either quickly repel the smart or draw down the stupid into deeper and deeper commitment.

  • ontario john

    Minor mention in the Toronto Star about the two loyal Canadians caught trying to leave for ISIS. They can’t say too much, as that would go against their stated policy of not bad mouthing Islam. Lots in the paper about Hitler Harper and the evil Conservatives though. And a heart warming story on why we should bring more muslims over.

    • simus1

      Red Star C&S sails best before a foul wind.
      That is one of life’s certainties.

    • I find that Canadian media is now only slightly less reliable than Pravda.

      • ontario john

        That’s Islamophobic.

      • WalterBannon

        only slightly less???

  • WalterBannon

    They have not yet figured out the root cause.

    Here’s a tip, the root cause is Islam.

  • Gary

    ” De-radicalization Programme ”

    Wow, so the same quran that made them more devout to go Jihad for allah
    and emulate Muhammad’s life of war and barbarism……..will be the SAME quran they use to correct their behaviour to stop being devout and emulating Muhammad.
    Got it.