#OccupyINAC Announces Shutdown, Exploits Attawapiskat Kids For Local Gain

Big news came out of Occupy INAC last night. After eight days of occupying the Toronto office, seven days occupying Winnipeg and three days in Vancouver, protest organizers announced last night that they intend to stand down and walk away. That said, they haven’t vacated INAC’s offices yet. Further demonstrating their shameless quest to get their faces on TV, they’re delaying their exit until 4pm- allowing time for news of the event to spread out to the media.

  • CodexCoder

    And they haven’t been arrested because…________(fill in the blank). My suggestion is that “our political masters are complicit cowards”.

    • Alain

      Your suggestion is spot on. The rule of law was tossed out the window long ago but still within my lifetime which is why I remember how it was.

  • Petrilia

    Nobody cares. )little boy cried wolf. Old nasty so called chief on a hunger while eating cured me. No guilt anymore.Indians, get your shit together. Many bands have. Move and live and above all stop blaming whitey. Look to BC, they have their act together. Move, stop whining. Most people move away from nothing toward something. Do so. I understand this band has had many offers of work and jobs in mining and have turned it down. You are in the greatest area for success and you turn it down. You prefer to be pathetic. OK. Don’t blame whiteyanymore,.

  • Yo Mama

    And the community has been getting almost $50,000 for each person a year.

    While it is more expensive for things like food in remote areas, where has all that money gone?