Mideast Teachers Reveal How Islam Erases Christianity from History

Sharara Yousif Zara, an influential politician involved in the Iraqi Ministry of Education, agrees:

It’s the same situation in Iraq. There’s almost nothing about us [Christians] in our history books, and what there is, is totally wrong. There’s nothing about us being here before Islam. The only Christians mentioned are from the West. Many Iraqis believe we moved here. From the West. That we are guests in this country.

Zara might be surprised to learn that similar ignorance and historical revisionism predominates in the West as well.

Although Christians are in fact the most indigenous inhabitants of the Arab world, I am often asked — by educated people — why Christians “choose” to go live in the Middle East among Muslims if the latter treat them badly.

The Middle East’s pseudo-historical approach to Christianity has, for generations, successfully indoctrinated Muslim students to suspect and hate Christianity, which is regularly seen as a non-organic, parasitic remnant left by Western colonialists. Despite preceding Islam in the region by six centuries.