Michelle Malkin: Trudeau’s Syrian Refugees Mean We’ll Need A Canadian Border Wall, Too

Despite the MSM’s best efforts to conceal the fact the world is rapidly awakening to the fact that Canada elected an idiot as Prime Minister.

  • dance…dancetotheradio
  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I always considered this an interesting intellectual exercise, but I never REALLY thought that this would ever have to be a serious consideration.
    Come on, the longest undefended international border in the world is something to be really proud of, please don’t throw it away.

  • Gary

    Last year the MSM didn’t catch the slip by John McCallum when he said that there would be the balance of the 50,000 Syrian migrants a year coming in and each year in their first term .
    That’s 175,000 more unskilled jew-hating homophobes coming in while Uber is killing the taxi business to ruin it for them getting jobs.
    Just 3 weeks ago Uber put an Order in with Benz to buy 100,000
    S-Class sedans, John Tory better wake-up and get on board because people are fed-up with smelly cabs and drivers that need a a GPS map to follow the DOT .