Child brides: Why parents force their underage girls to wed in Indonesia

Indonesia has among the highest number of child brides in the world

There are two factors that would drive a family to turn their daughter into a child bride.

First is the fear that she would commit Zina, which can loosely be translated as the sinful sexual acts outside marriage. Research done by Jurnal Perempuan states that parents tend to push their underage girls into marriage due to the fear of Zina.

Once a girl reaches puberty and begins to interact closely with her male counterparts, the fear that both parties would commit “sinful, sexual act outside marriage” haunts the girl’s family, thus, encouraging the parents to force their daughter into marriage in order to avoid any possibility of “dishonor” from occurring.

Another reason is poverty.

  • Martin B

    Another reason is the inhuman evil of Islam.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Indonesian Muslims also widely practice female genital mutilation; their version of it is a little less extreme than the one widely practiced in Africa but it still removes all or most of a girl’s clitoris. It usually performed on girls under 1 year old. It’s done for exactly the same reason Muslims in Africa do it; to numb or eliminate female sexual feelings and thus control the sexual behaviour of girls and women. Indonesian parents argue that their daughters would have no hope of getting married if they didn’t cut them. Yep, these are the “moderate” Muslims of Indonesia.