70 British jihadists who went to fight for ISIS are now plotting attacks in this country, government official warns

Britain is under threat from 70 jihadists who have returned from fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq and are currently plotting attacks here, a senior government official has warned.

In a chilling warning about the danger posed by the terrorist group, the national counter terrorism co-ordinator Scott Wilson warned that ISIS could not be destroyed soon and would pose a threat to national security for a ‘long, long time’.

He said a fifth of the 350 British jihadists who have returned to the UK are ‘high threat’ extremists, who are suspected of plotting or wanting to carry out attacks or spreading radical propaganda.

Because multiculturalism just works!

  • Alain

    The threat was wilfully and knowingly self-inflicted and the same applies to every single country in the West. And yet still not a single one of them is willing to identify the enemy, much less do what is required.

  • canminuteman

    I hate to say it but I look forward to it happening. The pogroms can’t start until they seriously piss everyone off. They haven’t achieved that yet.

  • simus1

    Wonder which of the many internment camps they are all being held in at the moment.
    Hopefully they are all in solitary so they can spend ample time reflecting on the bad life choices they have made as muslims so far.