PM Useful Idiot: “referendums are pretty good way of NOT getting any electoral reform”

For all it’s flaws, which includes the election of PM Pinhead, first past the post avoids the paralysis found in its proposed alternatives.

That said, a referendum on electoral reform should be considered a right, it is far too important a matter to be left up to an idiot like Justin.

  • This idiot does not mind the unelected SCC making law, though.

    • He is such a fool, how embarrassing for Canada as the wider world finds out that this moron was actually elected.

      • I’m sure they know by now that Ken is leading the country.

        • Alain

          More like Barbie in drag.

        • Alain

          More like Barbie in drag.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    The Harpomaniacs can’t take a defeit , after 6 months they still suffering the no for an answer.

    • V10_Rob

      Harper was not without shortcomings, but handing him a defeat in favor of Trudeau was cutting off your nose to spite your face. Even Mulcair would have been a better option. Instead, Canada got a certifiable idiot calling the shots while Liberal Party corruption and cronyism reasserts itself with a vengeance.

      • Will Quest

        Certifiable idiot / barking simpleton ….. potato/potato ….

    • Justin is a far worse alternative.

    • Defeat I can deal with. But Government by dictum or “fiat” I cannot. I wouldn’t have accepted Harper governing like that anymore than I accept Trudeau doing it. You can’t throw more than 100 years of a tried and true electoral system under the bus just because you “feel like it” or it would be another cool new thing to experiment with. There’s too much at stake. De cualquier modo, eres pendejo Maurixio — tus comentarios siempre demuestran una tremenda falta de sesos.

      • Correction: it’s a 150 years — in 2017 Canada celebrates 150 years as a Nation!

        (it may be our final celebration — Justin has already publicly stated that under his rule Canada will be “the first non-Nation State in the world”. In other words, the first country in the world to abandon its status as a Sovereign Nation).

    • kkruger71

      This is not complaining about the last election, it’s about a party that got less than 40% of the vote fundamentally changing how governments are elected without the people having a real say.
      They can talk about consultation all they want, but in the end the method will be hand picked by the Liberal party insiders. This is a perfect example of those on the left thinking they know what’s best for the people whether the people know it or not. Arrogance at it’s finest.

      • Clausewitz

        Also don’t forget that Junior is totally oblivious to the amending formula put forward by Daddy dearest. The Canadian Constitution can not be amended on a whim. Just ask the folks who tried to pass the Meech Lake accord.

    • Clink9

      Maybe they just hate seeing their country run into the ground?

      I figure you have no skin in the game but I’m 5th generation Canadian and don’t find PM asshole cute in any way.

      He has never, and could never, run anything as complicated as an ice cream cart.

  • ontario john

    But everyone in Canada loves Justin. The media keeps saying so. I liked the CTV interview of the trans gender Liberal candidate in Manitoba last night. I think the thing was a man dressed up as a woman. That sort of makes sense, since we have a woman dressed up as a man as prime minister.

  • I don’t know if anybody has taken a close look at proportional representation, but it’s more complicated than quantum computing. First past-the-post is simple and straightforward, and the beauty of the Canadian electoral system has always been its simplicity. Heck, we still mark our ballots with pencils and stick ’em in cardboard boxes — we never ran into the problems the U.S. has with a mechanized system, “chads” and punch cards that didn’t “punch” properly, etc. And electronic voting will worsen the problem, because computerized systems are easily hacked. Combine high-tech voting with messy unpredictable proportional representation, and it’s like a throw of the dice in the casino — open to fraud on two different levels.

    Proportional representation literally has dozens of variations, and you really do have to be a rocket scientist to understand what it means when you cast your vote — that’s not fair to the electorate. It’s not direct representation, in many cases it eliminates the possibility of having a local MP or MPP with a constituency office in your riding where you can lobby your representative, or to whom you can personally appeal for help as a citizen. It distances the elected representative from the voter and vice-versa, hence making him/her unaccountable, if not estranged.

    • Further good ideas get diluted to mediocre or bad ideas very quickly due to a need to accommodate disparate voices.

      • Yep, Europe for example where a number of countries have PR — nobody’s in charge, nobody’s clear on policy, and policies are often in direct contradiction to one another. It’s already chaos, in danger of total anarchy.

  • Canadian Born

    I wish all the Liberal voters would drink the poisoned kool aid and then Canada could get back on track and make Canada great one that our ancestors could be proud of.

    • We should encourage Justin to hold a grand summit in Jonestown.

      • Clausewitz

        or Flint.

  • ontario john

    I hear Trudeau wants to lower the voting age to 14. Think of all the young girls flocking to the polls.

    • If they can vote then they can fuck — Liberals wouldn’t want to exclude the NAMBLA lobby. Or the pedophile Mohammedans.

    • Alain

      I think 14 is still above short-pants’ mental age.

  • Reader

    Justin proves the Austin Lounge Lizards are wrong!

  • canminuteman

    Wouldn’t changing the way we elect our government be considered a constitutional change, requiring the constitution to be amended? That is the sort of detail that is covered in real constitutions. If they get away with this we need to get the entire country to boycot the next election.

    • Clausewitz