Pakistan court grants bail to chief suspect in oven killings of Christian couple

A Pakistani court has granted bail to the lead suspect in the brutal 2014 killings of a young Christian couple, burned alive in a brick kiln where they worked as bonded labourers, itself illegal in Pakistan.

National outrage over their deaths meant the case had moved to Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Court and the State itself became the prosecution plaintiff against the double-killing – both unprecedented moves. Yet the Anti-Terrorism Court allowed the kiln’s owner, Yousuf Gujjar, to walk free 16 April.

Though the case against Gujjar and dozens of co-defendants remains open, the move recalls other cases in which suspects accused of attacking Christians have never been convicted of a crime.

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    That’s some good news for the Toronto Star.

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        Stuff like this makes his day.

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    Why do we still maintain diplomatic and trade relations with the terrorist state of Pakistan?