Our American Friend: Trump’s New York Landslide As Felt In Istanbul

Yes, our American friend was cornered in a flat in a middle eastern metropolis. Briefly deprived of Twitterfeed (to him what Kryptonite is to Superman), he agreed to write this for us:


I’m finishing up a week’s vacation in Istanbul and today was awoken before the morning call to prayer. Let me assure you that that is indeed early (for those of you who know Istanbul, I’m staying in a private flat just off Sultanahmet Square with a view of the Blue Mosque from one of my windows). I was awoken by notices cascading into and onto my iPhone about the early New York returns and what they portended.

Trump Towers, blared the New York tabloids later in the day and that, in fact, was the case.

As of this writing it appears Trump will receive 90 of the 95 delegates available in this primary. His win was wide and deep, forcing even some of his most relentless critics to admit that he had, in a single primary, made the path to the requisite 1,237 delegates substantially more likely. This was a bitter admission from those who had for months denied the reality of Trump’s appeal to a base that hasn’t been this energized in several generations.


To be candid, this comes as a relief to his supporters, who are often derided as ignorant or worse. In fact, they know more than anyone the strengths and weaknesses of their candidate.


Ted Cruz, Trump’s sole remaining substantial competitor, was destroyed by the Empire State, earning a pathetic 15% of the vote and zero delegates.

The upcoming states–Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey & Rhode Island–will favor Trump as well. This gives him quite a stretch of doing nothing but “winning.”

To be candid, this comes as a relief to his supporters, who are often derided as ignorant or worse. In fact, they know more than anyone the strengths and weaknesses of their candidate. The last two weeks saw Trump quiet by his standards, tweeting much less often and speaking in measured tones with an eye toward the convention in Cleveland in July and beyond.

Trump’s victory speech was short, gracious and focused. Everything, in a word, that it should have been. He was scrupulously on message and when he is, he’s at his most effective.

Thank Paul Manafort, says the conventional wisdom, which for a change is not wrong or facile. Manafort is an experienced player in this realm and his management of Trump’s campaign is increasingly obvious and increasingly effective. He was recently hired and with not much time to spare. Having said that, the more reality based observers are starting to admit that Trump will be the nominee, for good or for ill.

I’ve said in this space that if he won South Carolina, which he did handily, he would be the republican nomination. The GOP establishment has shown itself to be hide bound, blinkered and incompetent, content with feeding at the trough of the status quo whether elections were won by it or not.


Trump has a knack for succinctly and fatally defining his opponents. He call Jeb Bush low energy and referred to Senator Rubio as Little Marco.


The discussion going forward will now be how Cruz is simply unable to compete with Trump in large areas of the country, cementing a reputation for losing. “Lose with Cruz” applies both to the nomination and the general election.

A “tell” is something in gambling which gives away the game, usually denoting a bluff. The most interesting tell of the night (and early morning here) came from Anthony Scaramucci.

He is one of the GOP’s top fundraisers in a cycle which has shown their ownership of the republican party to an unprecedented degree and concomitant contempt for the base.

He tweeted: “If [Trump] doesn’t get to 1237 it won’t be by much. Stealing nomination from him at that point would be party suicide.”

Quite. And the party will not commit suicide no matter how much bravado is currently being thrown about. Then it’s on to the general election against Lady Macbeth, who handily won New York over Bernie Sanders.

Trump has a knack for succinctly and fatally defining his opponents. He call Jeb Bush low energy and referred to Senator Rubio as Little Marco. Of course, he continues to call Cruz Lyin’ Ted.

He unveiled this week his moniker for Mrs. Clinton: Crooked Hillary.

This will stick because it’s true. The next seven and a half months will prove to be remarkably interesting and unusual.

As I’m fond of saying on Twitter: “Never end, cycle.”

Note: An earlier version of this post incorrectly gave the moniker as “Corrupt Hillary.” Apologies for misprint.


Reality check: The Animal is an amazing analyst, and I recommend his previous posts, linked starting from the “long messy ground war,” working backwards.

Of course, he has the advantage that there is now a huge media industry, both progressive and conservative, with a probably unconscious interest in avoiding a confrontation with the most serious issues of our time. Why else the National Review’s hatefest against the working class?

All that said, when Trump faces Clinton, he is playing the serious game for once.

The fact that he was a candidate at all shows that a large proportion of the potential-to-actual Republican base in the United States already knows a lot of things that people are just waking up to here.

His upcoming war with Lady MacBeth is the real test: Will Americans agree to be governed as if the United States is already a third world country – where criminality in government surprises no one and media just sweep up and  take out the garbage? American can use their EBT cards at strip joints, abortion clinics, recreational drug stores, euthanasia clinics, and tattoo parlours, but traditional civil liberties like free speech and freedom of religion are a constantly monitored threat?  I suspect Canadians have already decided, or will do so in the next few years.

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  • An excellent piece as always but I am not so sure the GOP won’t attempt suicide.

    They don’t care about the disenfranchised class they eagerly helped create, they don’t care about optics or Mom and apple pie for that matter.

    They do care about maintaining the status quo for their monied backers and that in the end is all that matters to them.

    They are no different than Hillary and progressives in general, they always promise things will get better but funny thing – it never does.

  • mauser 98

    less than 1 million votes cast for Republicans last night
    less than 2 million for Democrats
    NY State population 19+ million
    Kasich won Trumps Manhattan district vote
    Rubio has more delegates than Kasich
    Bernie gets mugged again…in Brooklyn

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I just encountered a political consultant on Twitter that was preaching that John Kiasch was the only one that could win against Hillary.
    They are all mental.

    Trump needs to win by enough of a margin that they can’t cheat him and then if Congress will not get with the program then we need to start going after our own party members.
    The establishment needs to be replaced. It can no-longer be reformed.

  • simus1

    Hitlery is the physically unhealthy, mentally unbalanced, unshiny horse in this race.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Hillary is insanely weak and extremely vulnerable.
      Nobody likes her.
      Trump will eat her alive, and even Cruz could beat her.
      1/3 of the Dem party says that if Sanders is cheated (if he looses), they stay home!

      This is a perfect storm.

      • simus1

        The billionaire rent seekers are going to be faced with paying twice what they expected for their dance tickets if no one kills Trump.
        Very bad scene.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          They have ALREADY blown hundreds of millions backing Jeb, Rubio, Cruz, and then at least another hundred million in PAC contributions that only are anti-Trump, and so-far, none of it is working.
          This shows you just how much money is REALLY on the table.
          They think (and they might be right) that they will loose hundreds of billions if Trump is elected.

          • Why will they lose hundreds of billions?

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            How much do they make by exporting American manufacturing to third world countries while flooding this country with cheap H1B visa holders and illegal immigrants through unenforced border and immigration controls?
            Likely, that is just the tip of the iceberg as they are fighting Trump as if their lives depend on it, and I assume they know their own situation better than we do.
            Trump will wreck the very system that they spent the last 60-years glueing together, that has turned the rest of us into wage surfs.