Geneva Airport: Muslim employees force women out of cafeteria when they pray to death cult idol

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“It’s still amazing! ! In January we denounced the regular prayers of some of our Muslim colleagues in the local break, and yet, it continues, “Ground staff at Geneva Airport are perplexed:” We do not blame these people to pray, but to do several times a day in the cafeteria, and sometimes they put us behind schedule because they are absent without a permit … ”

Some assistants Swissport ground staff are shocked by this laissez-faire of the hierarchy. “First, it is in an improvised room they doing their prayers, explains an employee sorting of luggage. Then, this unauthorized room was closed. Thus, it is now in the local break they do five times a day, their pieties. And a colleague adds: “They ask women out of the room, sometimes shout at us if we eat a salami sandwich while they pray. And most of the time, they ask us to leave the cafeteria.

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